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A 'Dark Storm' Brewing In Mimi Gilbert's New Single

Melbourne based indie folk artist Mimi Gilbert has released a heart wrenching new single ‘Dark Storm’. This stripped down confession takes us on a passage through Gilbert’s inner monologue. About 30 seconds into this single, you know you’re listening to something special. Resolute yet calming, and utterly entrancing, Mimi Gilbert’s voice reminds me of Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries. Where has this song been all my life.

Born and raised in California, Gilbert’s music journey began busking on the streets of Santa Barba. A far cry from her humble beginnings, Gilbert has been releasing music since 2016 as a completely independent and self-made artist. She has travelled the world performing both solo and with her band, opening for the likes of Julia Jacklin, Angie McMahon and Nadia Reid. A powerful story-teller, Gilbert has rightfully earned her pride of place amongst these indie goddesses.

Gilbert revealed, “I wrote this song when I was afraid. Between the hours I was working making music and doing my side jobs gardening, I was only making enough to cover rent and bills. At the time, I couldn’t afford to see the dentist about a bad toothache that was getting worse or seek help for my mental health flares that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.”

We’ve all been there. Whether its unaddressed tasks, bills, or feelings, things stack up to the point where it could all come toppling down any second. ‘Dark Storm’ begs listeners to share this heavy burden with Gilbert.

Do I need help/

Well I cannot afford it/

So I just go on punching walls

Haunting guitar slowly intensifies alongside Gilbert’s vocals, building to a soulful chorus. With the addition of background harmonies and percussion, Gilbert’s cries of anguish are sure to send chills down your spine.

A light after the storm, Gilbert comes to an optimistic realisation: ‘When will I see that all I need is right here’. In times of hopelessness, ‘Dark Storm’ reminds us to stay grounded and grateful for what we already have.

Every now and then we’re lucky enough to find a song that resonates in an indescribable way. For me, ‘Dark Storm’ is one of those songs. Mimi Gilbert’s new album Grew Inside the Water will be released on October 23rd.

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