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Meet Kiks.

Kiks is an Australian rapper currently based in Brisbane. Having lived in Germany, England, Australia and Canada, he draws on a vast range of experiences and landscapes which have shaped an international sound. His style is unique, relaxed, thoughtful and unconditionally honest. What started as writing poetry as a child gradually grew into a book full of raps, full of stories and full of the lesson's he's learned.

He released his first extended play Ever Changing Moods in December 2019 and has followed it up with two singles ‘Back to Front’ and ‘When it Rains’.

Kiks spoke with us about ‘When it Rains’:

[The song] is about a time in my life where I was suffering from a deep depression. I thought I had been depressed before but I realised there is an enormous difference from being just low and actually being depressed. I really didn't know what hit me but every day I woke up the first thing in my head was a very dark thought. This song basically sums up that time for me. It's crazy because even to this day, I don't know how it got better. When I look back at that time I literally feel like a different person now. It was almost like this big cloud came over my head and blocked me seeing anything positive for a period of time.

Kiks’ second EP is due for release early May 2020.

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