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Bandmate-On-Bandmate Chit-Chat With The Velvet Club

Photo by Ben Chung

Indie-rock outfit, The Velvet Club, make their 2022 debut with another feel-good power tune, 'Love Me The Same', paired with an unmissable national headline tour.

Known for their irresistibly buoyant energy, dynamic rock/pop power, mosh-ready break-downs and addictive lyrical hooks, the animated five-piece are locked, loaded and ready to make this year the year of The Velvet Club.

We were lucky enough to get a unique bandmate-on-bandmate interview from the five-piece. Prepare yourselves, it's a laugh and a half but we are totally here for it.


Aj to Lachlan (Macca) - Hi Macca, what’s your favourite song to play live? & you can’t say classical gas.

Macca - Definitely Love me the same. Very topical (stream now haha) but it’s fast paced and fun to play.

Tom to Aiden - What would you rather fight. 1000 duck sized maccas or one Macca sized duck?

Aiden - 1 duck sized Macca?

Tom- what… that’s not even the question!

Aiden to Aj - AJ, you’ve been given an elephant but you can’t give it away or sell it what do you do with it?

AJ - Wow, What a question. I really don’t know what I’d do, probably let it live in the backyard and pet it heaps.

Macca to Tom - Thomas, what was the first live show you saw?

Tom- I think it was Kings of Leon at rod laver with my daddy. What was yours?

Macca- Haha Nickleback at rod laver or something like that. This isn’t a joke either, this was genuinely my first ever gig!

Tom to aiden - Aiden, what was the first song you learnt to play on the bass?

Aiden - I think it would’ve been ‘I love rock and roll by Joan Jett.’ I remember always getting stuck at the one bit where it’s like 3 notes in a couple seconds instead of one note every 10 like the rest of the song haha.

Aj to Macca - Macca what’s your best memory from playing a show?

Macca- Probably the first time we went to Adelaide in 2020 in that really small bar with no stage and there were people there watching but we assumed they were all just in the bar and hadn’t come to the venue specifically to see us but there were a few people in the crowd that were signing along to all the words and we’d never had that before so it was super cool to see that for the first time!

Aj to tom - Alright Tom what’s your worst memory of playing a show ?

Tom - damn, probably a few years ago when my guitar didn’t work when we supported great gable! The gig was great and I was extra excited because it was at the Curtin and I love that venue! But Basically my lead kept blowing itself up throughout the whole set and no one actually heard anything I did the whole time.

Aiden to Macca - if you had to change your name what would you change it to?

Macca - Zach Swerve AKA ya boy

Aj to aiden - Dos, if you could be in any band in the world ever, who would it be?

Aiden- There’s so much weight to this question, do I wanna go for longevity and play shows forever but be hassled for the rest of my life or go for a band that had a short peak for a bit and then they disappear. But I wouldn’t want to die young. Maybe a band that has a short peak and then they break up cause then I don’t have to actually die. Nah I dunno I’d say nirvana haha.

Aiden to aj - AJ what’s the first thing you pack when you’re getting ready for tour?

AJ - mmm Last time it would’ve been my film camera to capture those moments that my brain doesn’t seem to remember but this time it’s probably gonna be a jerry can and some tools for our van when it inevitably breaks down. I won’t know how to use them but at least I’ll have the tools for someone else.

Aiden to Macca - Macca what do you think about when you’re alone in the car ?

Macca - how much washing is on my floor that needs to be done.

Macca to Aj - AJ what is your Dream venue to play ?

AJ - The forum for sure. It’s just the best. I would probably freak out up there playing.


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