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Between You & Me Make Triumphant Return With New Single, ‘Supervillain’

Photo by Brandon Lung

Australia is one of the birthplaces of pop-punk, churning out compelling and captivating acts, now more than ever. If you’ve already delved into the scene, there is an unmissable name that constantly lurks, that, of course, being Between You & Me. From their early beginnings of producing covers all the way to their show-stopping and emotive album ‘Everything Is Temporary’, the band has shown no signs of slowing down, and instead, has taken the time to develop and grow into their expansive potential. Their latest single, ‘Supervillain’ not only marks a step forward for the band but puts forward a pop-punk anthem for the ages.

Entracing and intriguing, the track begins with heavy and submerging bass- something that feels so positively dirty and leaves you wanting more. Leading all the way to the vocals of lead singer, Jake Wilson, longtime fans stumble upon a more refined and passionate vocal performance that adds an intense dynamic to the track, exploding away exponentially from their previous work. For new listeners, the vocals present a new twist on Australian pop-punk; still drawing from the roots of the genre with an incredible duality and ability to adapt to a revitalised scene.

"Supervillain is a track about the notion of wanting to be liked by everyone and coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like you. The modern desire for approval, appreciation, and acceptance from others is magnified thanks to social media platforms. Being the singer of a band, there can be an unhealthy desire to uphold a certain persona or image to feel accepted–like you belong.Supervillain is the embodiment of the online façade we all create and let control our thoughts. When writing for this record, I consciously separated myself from social media to focus on my true values." says Jake Wilson

The track is inherently pop-punk but is rounded off with an air of professionalism that reels you in- whether it be from the texturous vocals or the inescapable bassline. Not to mention the haunting pre-chorus and mesmerizing guitar solo. Or you know, the killer earworm of a chorus! Across the board, the song has it all and certainly goes above and beyond the expectations that grew from the 755 days of waiting… (not that we’ve been counting)!

On the most significant note, despite all the progression, ‘Supervillain’ is still a Between You & Me song, with their essence lingering through every note. Adapting to the shifting realm of the genre and maintaining an identity don’t often go hand in hand, but Between You & Me have excelled, instead showing us a new side to their multitude of artistic abilities.

Accompanying the single is the ‘Supervillain’ music video; a colourful but twisted visual to the unexpected but quickly adored new track from Between You & Me. Certainly, there is no better way to mark the new era.

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