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'Burial Pit' Rises From The Mud With Debut Single

Sydney based sludge ensemble Burial Pit have came out the gates swinging with their filthy debut single, 'Lord of Limbs'.

It's an aggressively welcomed play to release an almost 9 minute chug-athon as a debut single. One listen to Burial Pit and you quickly learn they aren't ones for subtlety or holding back. A mosh stomping anthem with heavy guttural screams lead the 5 piece into battle. Stabbing drums and energetic chugs permeate the war-like wall of sound. If 'Parkway Drive' was on a testosterone cycle, they'd listen to 'Lord of Limbs' in the gym. Talented high frys screech like a peak 'Pray for Plagues' Oli Sykes. Piercing, intense lyrics cut through like a chainsaw,

'Punish pain with pain,

rip the throat from the squealing pig'

Before one jumps to any purely dismissive opinions, the song's story is that of a "fictional vigilante serial killer who targets perpetrators of violence against women"

With the band also stating, '"the character turns predators into prey, abducting, dismembering and ritualistically sculpting their limbs into murals and monuments of suffering."

The lyrical content and thumping riffs feel like an Australian 'Amon Amarth', The grotesquely unrelenting anthem hits the marks for those who wish to bang their heads with intent to break. One can feel the (burial) pit begin to circle from the first boding riff. Musically well-structured and filthier than the dirtiest track you've heard, with a surprisingly positive anti domestic violence message. Burial Pit wish to be the stain you can't wash away. In fact, we beg for more.

You can check out the video for 'Lord of Limbs' here and witness the ominous of soon to be metal heavyweights Burial Pit for yourself.

Their debut album 'Subhuman Scum' is to be released on May 21st and is available for pre-order here.

Catch them at their album release show in Sydney and upcoming shows below.

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