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Busy Bee BENEE Shares 'Snail' Video, Starts Entire Record Label

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

sadgirl-songstress BENEE has revealed a music video for ‘Snail’ - a much appreciated look into the snail obsessed New Zealand creative's mind.

Following with the mind-bending theme all her music videos seem to follow, the wacky adventure land follows BENEE waking in her bed with her hyper realistic giant snail roommates waiting for their first meal of the day. The chaotic wonderland outside her home has the surrealism of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

The bass and bouncy backing of ‘Snail’ harmonises perfectly with BENEE’s smooth vocals to create a unique sound which you can’t find from any artist on the scene. The bold video boggles the mind in a fun and adventurous way that just shows more of BENEE’s wild personality.

With her new album under the same name, the ‘Snail’ music video acts as an introduction to the stylistic choices BENEE makes with her music. Behind the video, BENEE tells, “I knew I wanted the vid to be a weird fantasy story involving snails! I said to Anita [Fontaine] that I wanted to be an elf with long braids riding a bike & have giant mushrooms somewhere in the vid... She came back with the treatment & I loved it! Her imagination is super whacky in the best way and I’m so happy with how ‘Snail’ turned out.”

Even with all the time that the young artist puts into her music and videos, BENEE has found herself announcing that she is establishing her own record label under the name ‘Olive’. A very unexpected move, but quite brilliant. Traditionally, many record labels and deals have been detrimental for artists. They lose much of their creative freedom and end up being in a vicious cycle that decides that they never will earn enough to retire from the music industry – no matter how popular they may be.

Amidst a tour, an online stream, an album, interviews and the new label, BENEE has managed to already sign her first artist. Muroki, a 19-year-old Raglan artist, who managed to capture the eye of the young label owner immediately. The signing will provide Muroki to release his music under the ‘Olive’ label rather than his self-released pieces in previous years.

BENEE’s excitement for this new chapter of her life has been evident as she recruits a tight team to have a new and exciting approach to music and the industry as a whole. BENEE shares to hype to project, “The ‘Olive’ team is already packed with some hard-working, badass women and I feel this is an important time for us in the music business to come together and make some really cool shit happen.” We can only find ourselves being more excited for what she has in store.

BENEE revealed a livestream from her sold out concert at New Zealand's Spark Area on Saturday 17 October at 7:20pm AEDT. A full replay of the show will then be available for fans globally on Sunday 18 October from 7:00am AEDT Tickets are available now HERE. FOLLOW BENEE | Facebook | Instagram | Website |



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