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Carla Geneve Explores Mental Health In ‘The Right Reasons’

Image: Carla Geneve | supplied

Perth-based indie singer-songwriter Carla Geneve has released her latest single ‘The Right Reasons’ and it has hit us right in the feels. Speaking on the single, Geneve shares:

"It took me a long time to write The Right Reasons, I think I probably wrote 6 or 7 entirely different versions. Even though so much art is inspired and created in a cathartic way on the topic of mental illness, it’s still a difficult thing to write about, and to share about. This song is pretty straight up. I wanted to shine a bright light on some of my darkest experiences because it makes sense to me that radical vulnerability could be the first step to radical self-acceptance. And without self-acceptance, I feel it’s very difficult to build profound and meaningful connections with those around you."

A song about finding strength in vulnerability, her delicate but commanding vocals layered over intimate guitar licks evokes a raw honesty that compels you to listen to every word of her emotional and brutally honest storytelling - Geneve sings ‘Mixing escitalopram with the person that I am’

"The song also has themes of hesitation to seek professional psychiatric help, which I believe can only come from a place of an illogical societal taboo. I wholeheartedly advocate for psychological health to be viewed in the exact same manner as physiological health."

Lucky for us Geneve has also released an accompanying music video that was directed by her close friend Duncan Wright and filmed with her band in her house. She explains:

"The song is about vulnerable and uncomfortable things, so I wanted to feel safe and at home during the pretty intimidating experience of putting my face to the song.” Check out the video below:

At just 21 years of age, Geneve has already won Grand Prize 'Song Of The Year' at the 2020 WAM Awards (Western Australian Music Awards) for EP track '2001' and played various sold-out shows and festivals including Falls Festival and Laneway Festival, no doubt proving to be one of Australia’s most promising up and coming stars­!

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