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Daggy Man Doesn't 'Make Me Laugh', But Makes Me Feel A Whole Lot More

Image credit: via Daggy Man socials

Moniker of Brisbane's Thomas Calder (who you may remember from The Trouble With Templeton) finds his voice in lo-fi meanderings, proving that you don't need much to say a lot. Daddy Man's latest single follows suit with 'Make Me Laugh', a lo-fi, emotive tale of attempting to make others happy, yet unable to make yourself happy.

Following 'Good In Me', released earlier last month, 'Make Me Laugh' is the second offering from Daggy Man's upcoming LP release and his signature heartbreaking vulnerability continues to shine.

With a distinct Elliot Smith influence, both lyrically and sonically, 'Make Me Laugh' dances that delicate line between eerie and beautiful."I'm always on the floor/nothing ever makes me laugh anymore," opens the track, before slowly descending into a folk-fever-dream of 'I just want to make you happy' sung on repeat.

With progressive layering that doesn't build the song to a climax, but rather creates a captivating swell, the vicissitudes create a subtle and affecting emotional grasp on the listener. It's quietly chaotic and comfortingly crazy.

Calder notes his moniker develops from his fascination with pretending to be different characters throughout his childhood. Pretending to be someone else to learn more about himself. Which seems to be an overt scapegoat if someone listens to his song and immediately feels the need to ask if he's okay. "Nah, it's just a character lol" is an easy reply.

Whether this song is an honest reflection of Calder's state of mind, or an exploration into the intricate happiness of others - either way, I've never been happier to be filled with such emptiness.

Daggy Man might not give us a traditional happiness, but if I could bottle this brand of lo-fi melancholy, I would. Maybe he can't make us happy, maybe that's the point.

'Make Me Laugh' is lifted from Daggy Man's upcoming album, which is set for release later in the year.

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