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Daggy Man Pens An Unconventional Love Letter On 'Good In Me'

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Image credit: via Daggy Man socials

From its opening seconds, it's clear that 'Good In Me' isn't exactly your typical folk tune. Hushed voices repeat the song's title in unison while light fingerpicked guitar chords and string drones provide a mysterious ambience. This is all before the distinct and somewhat unconventional vocals of Daggy Man even enter the spotlight.

Daggy Man is the solo project of Thomas Calder, the singer/songwriter of now defunct Brisbane five-piece The Trouble With Templeton. Daggy Man represents a softer, more introspective side of Calder with which he uses to experiment with his songwriting.

And 'introspective' is definitely the key word here. 'Good In Me' is a reflection of Calder's inner growth and experiences in becoming a father. He describes the song as "a haunting, voyeuristic love letter to my partner and daughter".

"It’s an exploration of the newfound perspectives that becoming a father has gifted me, and a meditation on the appreciation I have for the small, beautiful moments," Calder writes. "It’s about learning and growing through challenges that life presents, and allowing these experiences to teach, guide, and shape me."

"It’s about feeling a moment of calm and groundedness, knowing I have this beautiful family; my guiding spirits, who love and believe in me. It's an affirmation, It's a declaration."

It's clearly a song that has a lot of emotional depth behind it, and that is reflected by the passion and strength of its performance. As the song approaches its climax, the double tracked vocals become triple and quadruple tracked, with multiple Calders wailing in harmony, while subtle synths wash over the soft guitar.

Though the most heart-wrenching moment comes when the instrumental cuts out almost completely, and we're left with just Calder's vocals ringing out from all directions, and it's bliss. "For the very first time / I feel a little bit fine", echo his staggered cries.

And in that moment, I think we all feel a little bit fine.

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