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Dancing In 'Slow Motion' with Joan & The Giants

Updated: May 18, 2022

Perth-based melodic band Joan & The Giants have returned to the indie-pop scene with their first release ‘Just For You’, tugging at our heartstrings with the dreamy single ‘Slow Motion’. With deep electric bass lines, powerful and pressing vocals with a meticulous tapping of the drums, ‘Slow Motion’ has its listeners in a gentle atmosphere reminiscent of falling in love for the first time.

The echo of dancing alone in a quiet room or being ever present in your thoughts though you’re surrounded by others, Joan & The Giants have audiences captivated with every heartbeat that reverberates through the track.

The intricate melodies paired with raw lyricism tells a story that can never be forgotten. The repetition of chorus ‘breathe you in / slow motion / slow motion’ lulls you into the world that they have created in this single.

They have gained recognition for their showmanship from headlining the ‘Shinju Matsuri Festival’ to 7,500 people, to being nominated in 3 separate categories of the prestigious ‘International Songwriting Competition 2021’ as well as receiving raving reviews and airplay on Triple J. Latest release ‘Slow Motion’ will be no different as they continue to prove that their artistic ambition will not cease.

At their upcoming show at the Aardvark, Joan & The Giants are imploring audiences to dress for the 80’s prom theme, even awarding merch and a $50 bar card to the best dressed. Get out your curlers and prepare to perm if you’re heading to one of these shows – you’ll fit right in. Get tickets here

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