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DANII is Giving Us What We Want with Her New Single


Like an eerie fire pit, DANII's new track 'What You Want' simmers and burns. . Not only a singer and songwriter, DANII is also a producer, dancer and visual artist; we can totally picture a theatrical, slow burn dance piece set to this track, it almost demands it!

DANII’s previous single ‘Out of My Mind’ ,released earlier this year, was fifteen years in the making – it is evident that DANII is dedicated to perfecting her craft. It is no surprise, then, that ‘What You Want’ contains a polished and rounded sound that we only find after years of dedication to her passion The song itself is a break-up song, but one that is empowering and motivating.

“What You Want is a f**k you song that I wrote, reflecting on the falling out of a relationship with a partner who made false promises about their intentions with and taking advantage of me. This song was written with the purpose of making me feel strong and sexy, rather than letting the experience get the better of me,” says DANII.

A saucy combination of heavy basslines and punchy lyrics such as “I don’t even want to be friends” and “Now it’s personal/ I don’t want to see you again”; it is clear that Danii is moving on and cutting ties. We all know that painfully humiliating experience of holding onto a fling that we need to ditch and run, but not finding the strength to do so – well DANII is here to give us that strength with ‘What You Want’.

A sultry track, if we can judge DANII’s future based off ‘What You Want’ we can guess its going to be filled with dark, sexy electronic mixed with empowering energy that is both refreshing and powerful.





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