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Denzel Curry unloads ‘Ricky’

The Carol City native drops an absolute banger with ‘RICKY’. It’s the rapper’s first single since his debut album Ta13OO, and he does not disappoint. Curry taps into a high energy vibe over an up-tempo and aggressive beat. Curry opens the track with a catchy hook where he recites lessons learned early in life from his parents.

My daddy said, “trust no man but your brothers

and never leave your day ones in the gutter.”

My daddy said, “treat young girls like your mother.”

My momma said, “trust no hoe, use a rubber.”

Even the song title may be a paying tribute to Curry’s father Ricky. Denzel goes deeper into his childhood back in Carol City in the second verse, acknowledging his father as a great influence, taking him to his very first concerts as a kid.

Both the song and video seem to be Curry's harking back to his Miami Gardens roots. The colour schemes of orange and green used throughout the video may be paying homage to the Miami Hurricanes football team that encapsulated the personality of urban Miami, Florida in the 1980’s and early 2000’s. The beat sounds like a millennial version of a 2live Crew instrumental, while the delivery of the bars echoes influence from fellow Carol City native and MMG rapper, Gunplay.

The visuals for the music video align with the energy, spirit, and swagger that is the Miami scene. The video is centred around a backyard brawl between Curry and another individual. These scenes seem reminiscent of barehanded fist fights fought by the late Miami native and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice

Curry definitely delivered sonically and visually with this track. He’s currently on the line up for Listen Out this year, and the energetic ‘Ricky’ would sound amazing live. Anyone who has seen Curry live can testify to his explosive on-stage personality.

Exhibit A:



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