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Don’t Let Us Fade Away: Michael Leonardi Holds On With ‘Haunting Me’

Photo credit: Jess Gleeson

Picture this. You’re watching a film or TV show where the heroes have just defeated the villains and now it’s time to look ahead and heal. But first, there’s something that’s stopping them from doing so. The soundtrack to that scene is right here. Born in Sydney but a citizen of the world, singer-songwriter, Michael Leonardi, brings a new sound to the Australian music scene with his single ‘Haunting Me’.

‘Why does healing hurt so much?’ Leonardi croons to open the track with a straightforwardness that permeates his songwriting. Leonardi’s voice is an instrument in itself. It has the youthful tone that matches so perfectly with many indie pop tracks. It has a gravelly bass that worms its way under your skin to captivate you. But he can also sing high, something that Leonardi uses to his advantage before each chorus.

“The term ‘Haunting Me’ refers to the reality of a relationship that has come to its end, that sense of reliving your experiences which leaves that deep feeling of sorrow,” says Leonardi.

Produced by Luca Mattioni in Italy, ‘Haunting Me’ contains an interesting juxtaposition between the choruses and verses. The rhythm and sound driven chorus adds a jolt of energy to the track. Leonardi’s vocals join in with the sounds to have you moving in your seat and shaking your head. Having the sounds accented by a bell is also a nice touch. It's a cherry on top of an already glorious track. Meanwhile, the verses evoke (for a lack of a better term) a haunting quietness mostly made of Leonardi’s bass, soft backing vocals and one or two produced sounds.

The pandemic motivated Leonardi to return to Australia after living abroad for the past decade. When reflecting on the move, Leonardi says:

Living back in Australia has created lots of new vibes in my approach to songwriting. I was quick to get the writing bug shortly after arriving home so I decided to build a recording studio at my house. Spending time with my Aussie musician friends has definitely injected new energy into my new songs.”

We couldn’t agree more. ‘Haunting Me’ is a unique and bold track that heralds Leonardi’s return to Australia and music. It’s a must listen.

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