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Dr Colossus' New Album Is The Prank Call We've Been Waiting for

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

There's something about hardcore music and its inextricable link to cult cartoon The Simpsons. Whether it be Ned Flanders death metal band Okilly Dokilly, or thrashers, Bart Core or Krusty Punk, there's definitely a trend.

Now after a 4-year hiatus, Melbourne doom rockers Dr Colossus jump on the bus to Springfield with their album entitled I'm a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and a Big Butt and My Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt a reference to a long running Simpsons gag where bart prank calls the local bartender Moe causing him to make self-deprecating statements.

Though, a mouthful to say, it’s definitely worth the listen, particularly for any lover of classic metal; the album cover itself being satirisation of classic Sleep’s self-titled debut. Taking a number of quotes from episodes of the Simpsons' golden era, this is sure whiplash the neck while simultaneously tickling the funny bone. The album featuring Simpson regulars such as bus rocker, Otto Mann and town drunk, Barney Grumble Barney. All in the theme of stoner doom band Sleep’s breakout album, Dopesmoker its frankly perfect.

Sex Cauldron

I thought they closed that place down! All aboard the thrash train. 'Sex Cauldron' is a heavy hitter of pure adrenaline. Along with a questionable title, with its machine-gun riffs, this is a song loaded with attitude. Dialling back in the bridge for an intense build-up, of pure doom sludge.


This has subtle hints of Alice in Chains, with such licks and vocals. Definitely, one that rattles 'Them Bones,' certain to make Layne Staley be grooving in his grave. Would heavily recommend for slamming whiskey and doing manly things. Wrap a flannel round the jeans and go cut wood for an hour with your shirt off or something. But don't forget to pickup your son from soccer practice.

Lard lad

Inspired by the large mascot of a fictional doughnut shop in the cartoon, seems very appropriate for riffs that phat. Breaking through initially like a hammer thrown bursting the skull. Prepare for cutting into a spacey groaning verse. The boys aren't afraid to sport their Sabbath Influences right on their sleeves.

So Long Stink Town

This riff reeks classic Sabbath, a personal favourite for sure. When that riffs hit. Oohh man. this song makes you wanna be naughty. Get up to some mischief, and let the hair down. Conveniently there's hammocks over at the Hammock Complex down on Third.

Get Mendoza

Has plenty of Arabic undertones in the sound. Picture a fallen assassin travelling the desert for treasure. Looking to slay the great demon beneath the ground. A slow hitting riff with a stoned drum beat, that’s far beyond faded. If this track was a candle it’d definitely be a slow burner, however, beware though if held too close it's gonna sting. Sting like the death of your cop partner who's only days from retirement.

Hummingbird of Bengal

Unlike an actual Hummingbird, it’s not the most buzzing of the tracks. There's a jazzy vibe to this tune, having some sort of horn. However, this doesn't distil the flavour at all; pure classic heavy metal. Makes us feel like we've had too much all syrup super-squishee.

Space Coyote

Coincidentally with a google search, one finds this is also named after a US cannabis dispenser, as well as homer’s spiritual guide in an old Simpsons episode. Though, both seem more than adequate to advertise the song’s overall vibe.

With an acoustic guitar and panflute, tambourines, backdrops of an eagle soar, Fairly sure this is the most vulnerable the group will ever be heard. A track that slows the album right down, with the exception of a cheeky ripper solo at the end. Appropriate song and an even further appropriate way to finish an album

To really sum it up, contrary to the album’s title this one’s no stinker - in fact its tracks really have that block out the sun with a big dish energy. Though the idea of satirising Simpson’s has probably been around as long as the actual cartoon itself, Dr Collossus really pack a punch with this album of hilariously good metal fun.

Dr Colossus vs. Radioactive Man when?


The boys are taking their mischief on an east-coat tour. Details below!

Tour Dates

3rd June - Mo's Desert Clubhouse - Gold Coast

4th June - Mansfield Tavern - Brisbane

5th June - Sydney - Frankies

11th June - Melbourne - Stay Gold

12th June - Geelong - The Barwon Club

- Get Tickets Here -

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