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Dreamboat MEMPHIS LK Delivers Straight Fire With New Single 'Letters In Concrete'

Image: Sourced from BIGSOUND50

With her angelic vocals layered throughout the song coupled with top-tier electronic production, Melbourne based artist and producer MEMPHIS LK is bringing the HEAT with the release of her new track ‘Letters In Concrete’. 

‘Letters In Concrete’ is mixed by Dave Emery, who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Bjork and Sam Smith. It also features additional production from Australian electronic heavyweight Running Touch, to which keen-eared fans will be able to hear.

MEMPHIS LK’s new track is a dreamy electronic-pop tune packed full of lulling synths, powerful lyricism and lo-fi breaks that’ll make you wish you were bopping along in euphoria to this one live. It’s a song about love, longing and the anguish you face when distance gets in the way. 

“I had the idea for this song one night during iso in Melbourne when I was walking in the rain. It's about being separated from someone you love, which is something a lot of people are experiencing right now because of the pandemic. I feel like during iso I’ve come so far with my songwriting and production — I’ve been listening to more music and rediscovering pop and RnB influences from when I was younger — and this song feels like a massive level up for me.”

Influenced by soul, pop and RnB, MEMPHIS LK skillfully combines these genres with her passion for underground UK garage and breakbeat - In turn creating a unique amalgamation of electronic sounds and beats. 2020 saw this beauty perform live at the iconic Pitch Music & Arts Festival as well as Loch Hart Music Festival. She has also recently been announced as one of the BIGSOUND50.

If you like 90s-00s pop (c'mon who doesn't) and the likes of Nicolas Jaar and Four Tet, then MEMPHIS LK is right up your alley.

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