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EGOSIM Won’t Leave Us Waiting 'For Ages'

Billy Zammit

Sydney based, home grown indie-pop duo EGOSIM bring the sound of a warm summer to our very confused Australian mid-autumn with their release of track ‘For Ages’. Shopping has never looked so appealing as they pair the release with a technicolour music video based in a grocery store. This dual release was celebrated with the announcement of their For Ages Tour in May and June. Olive and Scout’s vocals on this track elevate the dreamy-pop sequence that encapsulates looking at the world with a positive outlook, even when times are dreary.

‘For Ages’ has been the long-awaited single following ‘Lonely But Not Alone’, released in 2021. Scout shares that the track has been a long time coming, and their break from music was well needed, “Depressive episodes take a long time to heal from. Just over a year ago, Olive and I went to Culburra on a budget 'writing trip'. One morning I felt just so disconnected and honestly just didn't wanna do anything. Olive went out on a walk and I had to force myself to sit down and do something musical. By the time Olive came home, I had somehow come up with a bass line and this monotonous refrain of 'ah ah ah for ages'” Scout says. “The song acts as a conversation between Olive and I, about where our lives were at the time. The feeling that my depressive episode was getting worse, the monotony of what being a musician had become, as well as the feeling of hopelessness in the world: it all just felt like it would never end. In some ways it was a tipping point; we could let it all fall apart or accept the stagnation. After singing it for a while, the words "for ages" started feeling like an urge to not give up.”

EGOSIM’s tour will start in Brisbane on the 7th of May at the Blackbear Lodge. The duo will be paired with Montgomery and local special guests as they tour along the east coast. This headline tour will only be the first of many to come as they showcase their new singles as well as many fan favorites, and will certainly have the crowd chanting for more.

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