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Elizabeth Reimagines 'the wonderful world of nature'

Melbourne pop anti-heroine Elizabeth has released seven new tracks in the deluxe version of her album the wonderful world of nature, almost exactly a year since its original release. The new additions were recorded in Elizabeth’s bedroom during isolation. For fans of classic ‘sad girl pop’ artists like MARINA and Lana Del Rey, Elizabeth has the glamorous tragedy aesthetic down to a tee. The new additions to the album feature Elizabeth’s compelling vocals accompanied by only a piano. the wonderful world of nature (deluxe) draws you in with intimates tales of heartbreak, desire and addiction.

Entering the music scene in 2019 with her debut single ‘parties’, Elizabeth has built an impressive following. Her most popular track ‘beautiful baby’ boasts over half a million Spotify streams. the wonderful world of nature (deluxe) features two piano versions of existing songs, four entirely new songs and a beautiful cover of ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac. Including the eleven songs from the original album, the wonderful world of nature (deluxe) adds up to an hour of listening. If you’re not yet familiar with Elizabeth, prepare to get up close and personal.

The first brand new track on the album is 'wind upon your cheek – piano version'. Elizabeth is a hopeless romantic, creating poetry to make anyone’s heart flutter.

Leave your window open and I will kiss you when you sleep/

I’ll be the wind upon your cheek/

and leave our flowers growing/

Who knows how long these blooms will keep

In 'francy - piano version', Elizabeth struggles with substance abuse, shining a spotlight on how it seeps into her relationships. Desperate to hold onto the one she loves, she grapples with herself to change her toxic habits.

Drinking at the bar is very fun but then I turn into someone that we both don’t like/

And powders take me straight up to the moon but I’m scared you’re gonna see soon that I burn too bright/

So baby I’ll try, try not to die and not to want to/

I’ll rearrange, I’ll try to change if it means that I can keep you

'if the world is burning – piano version' reminisces on a past relationship so intense Elizabeth is willing to throw all sense out the window to preserve it. Elizabeth doesn’t shy away from highlighting self-indulgent tendencies- embracing human nature in all of its imperfect glory.

If the world is burning, what’s the point in being good/

If the world is burning, let’s not stop because we should/

Smoke fills the sky and I fear you and I are heading for the flames if we can’t stop this heat /

Each day departs feels like it might be the last, don’t you wanna lay down with me and feel free

The final new addition to the album, 'sand without the ocean – piano version', draws upon natures elements to express Elizabeth’s longing for her lost love.

Me without you is like sand without the ocean/

Waiting for the moon to move me into motion/

Desert is a thing, maybe one day I’ll be something too/

Without you

Elizabeth has a way with words allowing her to effortlessly shape pain into poetry. Her heartfelt ballads are elegant and sensitive without over-glorifying harsh reality. Elizabeth has nowhere to hide in these stripped back tracks, they're impossible not to love. If you’re a new listener, the wonderful world of nature (deluxe) is the perfect chance to catch up on some original tunes and welcome her latest work.

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