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Enter Clea, with ‘Exit Game’

Ears all throughout the land were blessed yesterday with the latest offering from Brisbane’s celestial siren Clea (pronounced ‘clay’), a five track compilation EP named for new single ‘Exit Game’.

Hypnotic, creative and slow flush psychedelic, the release is a studied piece in instrumental layering and thoughtful production; a feat all the more impressive after the realisation Clea was at the helm for all of it, writing, producing and styling the tunes at her home studio in regional Queensland with the help of partner Al.

New single ‘Exit Game’ slathers Clea’s buttery vocals and controlled slides onto a bit of moody, dark-pop toast, with the sparky percussion and ghoulish background soundscape you’d find in a 90’s art house action movie.

Effortlessly cool with VCR static and melancholy revenge energy.

‘Exit Games’ lyrics are earnest and penetrating, Clea saying they were penned during a rough period in her life.

“Exit Game is the moment you hit rock bottom and suddenly you can see clearly through the facade of the situation and/ or the people surrounding you,” she said.
“You then have the choice of staying where you are or using the opportunity to approach life in a manner more suited to your true nature.”

Accompanying the tune is the gorgeously creepy music video, directed by Lily Cotter, shot by Jack Birtles with heavy creative influence from Clea herself.

The video is the visual representation of kicking into overdrive and removing ourselves from reality due to burnout,” Clea said.

“Things can start to speed up or slow down, and it can feel like we’re trying to run under water as life transitions at a different pace, perspective and energy.

“It can be incredibly painful, surreal and rewarding.”

I love evolving and constantly improving my creative output, and I feel I have reached a certain level with this medium and am now ready to explore other ways of creating visuals for my music.”

A tasty little bite of what’s to come for her sophomore album Idle Light (set to be released June 16), the new track slots nicely into her recent discography: the lapping, percussive love song ‘Crash Land,’ anthem of anti-apathy ‘I Wanna Be Alive,’ sonic underwater windchime ballad ‘Easy to Forgive’ and the hopeful first release from last year ‘Listen Up’.

Watch the Exit Game music video below

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Clea Tour Supports 2023

Friday, 28th April

The Triffid – Brisbane QLD (supporting The Predators)

Saturday, 20th May

Tropic Fiesta - Townsville QLD (w. Tia Gostelow, Eliza & The Delusionals, Donny Benet etc)

Friday, 2nd June

Solbar – Maroochydore, QLD (Supporting Telenova)

Saturday, 3rd June

Vinnies Dive Bar - Gold Coast QLD (Supporting Telenova)

Sunday, 4th June

Beach Hotel - Byron Bay NSW (Supporting Telenova)



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