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FeelsClub new EP is a Wave of Emotions

Brisbane’s FeelsClub are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the best dance-pop groups Australia has produced in a long time. Rife with social commentary, their upcoming EP A Wave Inevitable is a dance pop soundtrack to the political turmoils of our time. Combining fun pop with importance themes of power-abuse and oppression is no easy task, but FeelsClub merged them successfully.

The first track on the EP ‘talkTALK’ is the album’s angsty older brother; it’s fuelled with sonic vibes and deep tonal moodiness. ‘b)Sober’ continues the dark electronic pop sound started by ‘talkTALK’, FeelsCLub are making it clear that they’re ‘never gonna see you again’.

‘Skin’ is a shift in sound, moving further from angsty moodiness and closer to a neon dreamscape. Pairing bubbly vocals with bouncy melodies – this song will get under your skin! ‘HUMINGA’ is the political powerhouse track of the album, a plea to be free of oppression over a lively dance-pop beat.

The EP moves from dark through to light but maintaining their brash pop sound throughout. ‘NO PEACE’ transports us back to 2004 club music, this song is acidic pop at its finest – ridiculously sultry and effortlessly cool. ‘NO PEACE’ is easily the standout track from the EP and we expect to hear it in every club across Australia (when they open again of course).

‘On You’ is the conclusion to the EP that lifts our spirits. Drawing it’s inspiration from 80’s synth pop, ‘On You’ feels like a journey through space – it’s astronomical, not in a cringe way, but in a fun way.

Although the EP maintains a steady dance pop sound, each songs weave in a multitude of songs from angst and anger, to annoyance, to admiration. Each track has a distinct sound, yet they blend together to create a journey of emotions. This is dance music at its finest – emotional and powerful.

A Wave Inevitable is out 24th of September and we are expecting big things from FeelsClub.

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