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Going Up With BABYMETAL’s New Single ‘Elevator Girl’

Japanese Kawaii Metal sensation BABYMETAL have returned with their signature style of J-Pop infused metal, unleashing the new single ‘Elevator Girl’. You may be standing on the ground floor of this band, but this taste of what is to come will take you to the top with its catchy melody and thrashing rhythm.

With an intro reminiscent of a PS1 loading screen, we get a taste of the melodic hook that drives this short, sweet and crushingly heavy track. Pause for dramatic effect and we catapult into the carnage that is the Kami Band’s signature style. It is a simple track with minimal musical arrangement deviations and at just shy of 3 minutes in length, it has no real chance to expand too much. We enjoy the short ride as the parabolic energy shifts between the English sung verse and Japanese sung chorus. More subby electronic influences give an almost industrial feel to feed us into the final melodic battle between heavy riff and sweet vocals.

No doubt this is an amazing production, and we can’t really expect anything less from BABYMETAL and the team behind them. I’ve always been tentative of this outfit due to my almost religious beliefs in classic thrash and metal, but you cannot deny the riffs they produce can sound off with the best of them. It will be interesting to see how this track fits into the album due for release later in the year, but it is a brutally sweet taste of the Kawaii to come.



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