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Good Lekker's Favourite Local Artists

Photo: Rob Carroll

If you haven't heard already, Good Lekker have been up to some huge things this year. The Wollongong- based band kicked off 2021 with ‘Hard To Be Alone’ in February and followed up with their latest single ‘Something Better’. You can read all about our thoughts on their new single 'Something Better' here. Although the indie-dance band have been busy on their epic Australian tour, they found the time to have a chat with us.

Here at LivewireAU, there’s nothing we love more than local artists supporting each other and sharing the love. We jumped at the chance to ask all six band members which local artists they can’t get enough of right now. Knowing Good Lekker's impeccable taste, these Aussie artists deserve to be added to your playlists ASAP.

Alex's Pick - Barely Passable

"The Sydney based duo are bringing Euro-indie dance to the east coast of Aus. Comparable to ‘Parcels’ and ‘Dayglow’ the band tracks are built up of tons of 80s synths and drums. Their live performance holds up to this with a completely live built DAW-less rig. This gives the tracks a super raw feel that is very thick and lush."

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Oli's Pick - Drift

"If you are a fan of DIIV, My Bloody Valentine or any other amazing Shoegaze band, check these guys out from Wollongong. Absolute weapons on stage and have an amazing future ahead of them."

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Mal's Pick - Warbaby

"There are a lot of up-and-coming bands out there that I love, but there is one in particular that really makes my brain tick. That being Warbaby. Warbaby is an instrumental group from Wollongong that dances around with Spaghetti Western and Blues themes. Personally, I feel as though a goal of music is to create an atmosphere whilst performing live, Warbaby does this with utter perfection. Just a simple strum of a reverb washed guitar makes you feel as if you were riding into the sunset on the Nullarbor Plains. If you are a fan of Khruangbin, Arc De Soliel, or the soundtrack to a Clint Eastwood movie, I’d strongly recommend giving them a listen."

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Dooley's Pick - Baby Mullet

"A really powerful punk group. I cannot wait for them to release more music. You definitely have to check them out."

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Hamish's Pick - Parklands

"There is definitely a lot of cool new stuff coming out of Canberra, but Parklands are a real stand out for me. Their shows are filled with energy, and they are definitely growing into a really promising band. We have had the absolute pleasure of playing shows with them a few times and they are honestly amazing musicians and songwriters. As a relatively new project, I am very excited to see how they develop and what they are yet to create."

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Josh's Pick - Danika Smith

"Toward the end of last year, I listened to Danika Smith almost all the time, even though they have only so far released two songs. We’ve played with Danika’s band, Tomgil, before and I have some mutual friends with them. Danika’s vocals are incredible, as are her songwriting and lyricism. It’s the kind of music that everyone could enjoy - really beautiful and creative folksy songs that are so inherently beautiful."

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