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Indie-Electronic Duo PLGRMS Get Dark And Moody In Upcoming EP 'CHAPTER I'

Image: PLGRMS | Supplied

Consisting of singer-songwriter Jacob Pearson and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jonathan Bowden, PLGRMS are a duo relatively new on the scene. However, the pair have been cultivating their atmospheric indie-electronic pop sound, encapsulating a strong and unique presence within their music that would make you think they’ve been performing together for far longer. 

CHAPTER I as a whole is cinematic, dark and brooding, filled with evocative electronic sounds, strong driving beats and emotive lyricism. To give you a good indication of the mood of the EP, their latest release ‘Good Friends’ is a stellar example, coaxing the listener in with a haunting glimpse into the psyche of the songwriter. But although it’s filled with hazy vocals, dramatic crescendos and swelling synths that create an intriguing soundscape, Pearson assures us it’s really not that deep.

This song isn’t cryptic. It’s not hiding any double meanings. It’s just about recognising that one of two things could happen. And being friends isn’t one of them,” he says.

The fourth song off the EP, ‘Creatures of Habit’, is packed with unique electronic production. The track starts off airy and light, with mismatched sounds and samples until about a quarter of the way through where it explodes in a dramatic fashion. With heavy rock-influenced drums coming in to ramp up the intensity, the track’s genre transforms from simple indie-electronic to full blown electro-rock power ballad that’s somewhat reminiscent to the likes of Muse

The EP’s finale ‘Let’s Do Something We’ve Never Done Before’ is a hazy electric dream. It’s slow beat, reverberating background vocals and eerie nature paired with Pearson’s signature soft vocals make this song my favourite of the bunch. 

Its melody is simple, allowing for multiple layers of sounds, synths and beats to add their different dimensions to the track. Its lyrics are mysterious, and as the title suggests, speak of doing something that the protagonist has never done before.

“So grab my hand, lead the way… You’re in the rain, you’re at my door, you said let’s do something that we’ve never done before” . The ruminative lyrics and affiliating sounds are then abruptly cut off before reemerging again, brooding and intense. 

Last year, PLGRMS were sadly forced to take a hiatus due to a bout of chronic back pain that vocalist Jake Pearson was suffering from. But we can thank our lucky stars that the PLGRMS pair are back together, making music again. And trust us, you guys are gonna love this one.

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