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International Spotlight (KOR) : Wedance (위댄스) Invites You To Party With ‘Ironism'

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Photo Credit: Kai Oh (오가영)

With the current state of the world, Korean indietronic sensations Wedance (위댄스) are hitting our virtual Australian shores and they could not have come at a better time. The dance punk duo released their latest LP Dance Pop earlier this year with featured single ‘Ironism’ and it is like nothing we’ve ever heard before. Infusing elements of pop, indie and electronica with gritty distorted electric guitars, strap yourselves in for a whimsical ride brimming with chaotic and effervescent energy.

Speaking on the track, Wedance shares, "A poet of our time walks down the road. Even though the poet tries to walk with a clear mind, it doesn't work. The ironies that are to be seen everywhere constantly irritate and simmer away until they eventually burst out in fury. Finally, the poet opens a notebook and writes down a new word "Ironism." The ironic landscapes of the city, which used to confuse us became more vivid and clearer when we decided the name of the song would be 'Ironism'".

Prior to the release of Dance Pop, Wedance had only ever distributed their music via CD runs at their live shows, as they liked the notion of a musical scavenger hunt. This transition to the digital world brings an exciting new way to connect with fans globally and has culminated in the joyous outfit’s imminent digital Australian tour ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’. To celebrate their upcoming trip, they have released a black and white music video for ‘Ironism’. Directed by David Cardonal, a bunch of misfits surround a trampoline, taking turns jumping on it and behaving frenetically, epitomising the ebullient vibe of a Wedance live show.

So put those dancing shoes on and join Wedance for a string of online dance parties teeming with infectious positivity as they take over Bigsound, Isol-Aid and The Tivoli.

Wedance ‘Danceparty at Your Fingertips’ Tour 2020

Isol-Aid Festival

Saturday 31 October

3:40-4:00PM AEDT

Open Session Program at The Tivoli - Supporting Jaguar Jonze

Friday 20 November

Doors 7.00pm AEST

Starts 8.00pm AEST

Tickets $35 for cabaret style show via The Tivoli Website

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