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Jess Locke Unlocks Indie Brilliance With 'Destroy Everything'

Image: Jess Locke | Supplied

Jess Locke makes a triumphant return with her latest single ‘Destroy Everything’, which is a generous second taste of her album ‘Don't Ask Yourself Why’ to be released in March 2021.

‘Destroy Everything’ follows on sonically and personably from her prior release earlier this year ‘Fool’.

Her latest tune brings bittersweet indie back into the fabric of Australian music, as many artists have diverged from their alternative roots, Locke embraces her own sound and grows into it to produce a track from the heart and soul.

With gorgeous orchestral organs underlying beautiful Ben Howard-style finger-plucked guitar, its wonderfully heartfelt and soothing - just what the world needs in these crazy times.

Gentle and soothing vocals guide the song into a harmonious yet melancholic lyrical journey. ‘Destroy Everything, the song's main mantra, brings a sense of glorious destruction to the song, but in the most uplifting and hopeful way. Much like bushfires - ‘you can burn it down /and it will come back again’ - sprouts rise from the ashes and regrowth flourishes. It's a wonderful reflection on the adaptability of human nature and our ability to cope with even the toughest of times- as displayed by the tenacity and unity displayed throughout this year.

Locke says "The song 'Destroy Everything' is about destruction as both a positive and negative force. Destruction of the old can be necessary in order to make way for new and better things. It can be strategic, revolutionary, inspired by a vision of what is to come next. But destruction can also be reactionary and misdirected, born out of chaos and fear and not really conducive to real change. The song is a kind of meditation on whether destruction is useful or futile or part of a natural and unavoidable cycle."

With hints of Ali Barter, Greta Stanley and Courtney Barnett scattered throughout her influences, Locke creates a genuine emotive track complete with complex lyricisms and uplifting vocals.

Her upcoming album is sure to have the same emotive feeling that is conveyed through this track, and March 2021 is to be one to add to the calendar and set a countdown for. To pre-order, or pre-save, click here.

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