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Jessica Tori Strips Us To Our 'Skin & Bones'

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Sydney singer-songwriter Jessica Tori has emerged with a debut single 'Skin & Bones' after a career of touring with electronic heavy-weights such as Rufus Du Sol. After a fateful encounter during a Laura Marling concert in Sydney, Tori bought herself a guitar, setting a path quite different to her career collaborations.

As the track begins to awaken, Tori masterfully weaves folksy guitar stirrings with expansive soundscapes - creating a paradoxic feeling of nostalgia for an unlived future.

With eccletic influences and a voice that could be described as a "smoky blue contralto" one could envision her in same cohort of legendary singer-songwriters as Joni Mitchell. 'Skin & Bones' has the same subtlety as the freak-folk sweet nothings of Vashti Bunyan but infused with a strikingly fresh modernity akin to Esperanza Spalding's 'Noble Nobles.'

This ode to the slow revealing of your truth came to life during a chaotic quarantine and lockdown period,” said Tori, “it’s a celebration that we’re all a bit messy and we’re just trying to find our own way, in our own time.”

In an age of instant gratification, this song is a truly singular release - and like the isolation that the world has faced this year, its shown us the value of taking the time to find ourselves, in our own time. With a debut like 'Skin & Bones' its clear Jessica Tori is a consumate musician waiting to spread her wings.

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