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Jesswar Is Feelin' 'BAD LIKE RIRI' On New Single

Following her widely acclaimed TROPIXX EP released earlier this year as well as a performance on triple j's The Set, multi-award-winning visionary artist Jesswar returns with the raucous, unrelenting anthem 'BAD LIKE RIRI' ft. Erica Banks, a celebration of the strong & unapologetic voices of her community that embody the ultimate bad gal. 

“Rihanna’s power has inspired us all”, says Jesswar, “When I see her thrive it makes me feel like everything is possible. We sent Erica a rough demo of the song, she sent her verse back in a day and as soon as I heard it, I knew the song was complete. It’s wild to collaborate with someone on the other side of the world without meeting properly and somehow they match you creatively.”

From the second the track starts you can feel the attitude oozing out of every inch of the song. Sonically this new track is very similar to her TROPIXX EP. The distorted electronic instrumental that drives the song is hard-hitting and keeps the song at a high energy level throughout its entirety. The beat reminds me of 'Franchise' by Traviss Scott which is a welcomed comparison as 'BAD LIKE RIRI' slaps just as hard. Jesswar comes in with a tight flow and massive amounts of attitude as she starts rapping; "Yeah I'm in your city getting busy for my people / I got numbers but that sh*t does not equal / feelin' litty with my people like we just got the sequal / feelin' buzzy feelin' cheeky I dont need you but you need me."

The 808's and high-hats kick as the song builds to the chorus, where the bass makes it's entrance and the song enters full swing. The chorus is instantly infectious and after a few listens I couldn't stop myself from yelling "All my girls, BAD LIKE RIRI" as I attempted to jump around my living room. Erica Banks keeps the high energy flowing as she comes through for her verse giving off a huge Megan Thee Stallion vibe. Her voice compliments Jesswar's insanely well, with both of them flawlessly pulling of great flows, hard bars and loads of attitude.

The video for 'BAD LIKE RIRI' was one of the more challenging videos Jesswar has been a part of. Both artists are literally on opposite sides of the globe to one another, and having to deal with the struggles the pandemic has presented in regards to travel and the creative instustry was no short task. Jesswar says on the video “Filming the video in a pandemic with virtual direction really did show me that everything is possible.”

Do yourselves a favour and check out the new single. It's fun, full of attitude and absolutely bangs when it's turned up!


Saturday, October 23 | The Grass Is Greener, Cairns

Friday, October 29 | Valley Fiesta, The Wickham, Brisbane

Saturday, November 6 | The Grass Is Greener – Backyard Sessions, Toowoomba

Saturday, November 13 | The Grass Is Greener – Backyard Sessions, Mackay

Saturday, November 20 | The Grass Is Greener – Backyard Sessions, Gladstone

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