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‘Just Like Smoke’, Marigolden’s New Music Video Takes Listeners To Quiet Suburbia

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

There must be something in the water in Melbourne for the city’s artists to always be oozing with creativity. marigolden is no exception, releasing a subtle, minimalist music video for her single ‘Just Like Smoke’. Filmed in a suburban house and showcasing marigolden’s everyday life, the video’s simplicity perfectly captures its respective track’s soothing energy.

Generally speaking, making music videos is always a collaborative effort. Teaming up with Emma Ajay for the filming process, the music video is simply a work of art. It’s filled with candid shots of marigolden laying in bed, strumming a guitar under the warm glow of a lightbulb, smashing a wooden chair to pieces and more. There’s an authentic Sunday morning quality to each frame, perfectly edited to create an overall country, Tumblr aesthetic.

The track itself is quiet and funky. Combining the rhythms of neo-soul and alt-R&B with the guitars and introspective songwriting of folk music, ‘Just Like Smoke’ is an intimate exploration of marigolden’s independence and refusal to play into the comparison game. Marigolden effortlessly interweaves soft rapping with singing to hook the listener from the first note. It’s calming and perfectly upholds the song’s powerful lyrics. ‘I got a strength inside / quit stepping on my fight on the side / I’m about to light it higher,’ the singer croons steadfastly.

When combined with the music video, ‘Just Like Smoke’ transports listeners to a world of quiet suburbia where smoke trails unravel in the breeze. It's the perfect addition to a rainy day playlist with a tasteful music video to match. Check it out below!

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