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Katanak Takes Us To The Beach This ‘Sunday' With New Single ft. Joolz

There’s nothing like a great summer song to brighten up your day. And if that song was born from a collaboration between two artists who tend to work in different genres, then we’re all in. It’s exactly what happened when Brisbane-based indie pop artist, Katanak, blended his sound with the sunny ‘indie pop, RnB and hip hop’ sound of Gold Coast artist, Joolz (previously known as Electrik Lemonade). Together, they created ‘Sunday’, a feel-good, poppy track that’ll have you wishing you were lying on the beach with a cold drink in hand.

“‘Sunday’ is our ode to [s]ummer. The heat, the sun, the lazy days, you can hear it all in this track. When this track is playing you just chill. Instant thoughts of grabbing a skateboard and catching up with friends run through your head,” says Katanak.

A bass guitar sets the tone as drums make you nod along with the rhythm. The track’s production is immaculate and is everything that Katanak promised. It’s fun, slightly retro and bouncy. The opening guitars and drums are carried throughout the track, each one reinforcing the song’s happy vibes. Altogether, they’ll want you craving a visit to Bondi Beach or Southern California.

Joolz’s crystalline voice powers through the instruments, adding a full but airy layer to the track. If Joolz’s voice is the wind that blows in from the ocean, Katanak’s is the warm sand beneath your feet. Slightly Nathan Sykes-esque in tone, Katanak’s vocals roll over the track’s sounds and lyrics with a steady groove that blends perfectly with Joolz. ‘Feeling like the ocean’s giving me the motion’ they sing together. It’s clear to hear that everything about this track, from the lyrics to its production and infectious vocals, are designed to be an instant mood/energy booster. If Berocca was a song, it would be 'Sunday'.

Katanak and Joolz should be proud of creating an authentic Aussie summer anthem with ‘Sunday’. Though we’re heading into winter, ‘Sunday (feat. Joolz)’ will keep you warm in the cold months, and will have you running out the door once spring and summer come around.

Katanak 'Sunday (feat. Joolz)' Single Launch w/- Flag Duty & friends

Friday, 14th May

Tomcat, Fortitude Valley

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