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Kaurna Cronin Releases New Single, 'Gotta Get Outta This Place'

Updated: May 29, 2019

image: @kaurnacronin

Award-winning Aussie folk singer Kaurna Cronin has returned from the busy life of international touring with the alluring new single, ‘Gotta Get Outta This Place’, a low-key and laid back track about the feeling of desire for change and inertia in one’s life.

Crooning against a backdrop of lush vocal harmonies and a gentle guitar riff, Cronin suggests with crafted lyricism in the opening verse: “You can do better/You just have to start/It’s easier to be yourself and leave/Than to play the part.”

In Cronin's own words, “…It's a song about internal battles of a sense of belonging and love for the idea of 'one’s home' and the ongoing feeling of needing to get away from home to experience the unknown to be inspired by different places, people and ideas.  It was important for me to try and capture the sense of passion and inspiration in one’s home and not dismiss that – it's about the conflict of urges that one can associate with not wanting to feel 'comfort' anymore.” For a song with delivery that’s as gentle and unassuming as it is, this urge to get up and leave is irresistible as the chorus progresses to its calming, meditative chant: “I gotta get out, gotta get out of this place."

In the accompanying music video, its greyscale colour palette projects the sense of slipping into monotony that Cronin sings of. It’s easy to feel trapped in the daily motions of routine, however comforting they may be. But Cronin challenges us to take on our ventures in life just that little bit further, all in our own time, however best suits us. ‘Gotta Get Outta This Place’ is a refreshing, easy-going song that comes from the place within full of understanding, patience, and care for yourself and others.

Get out and see Kaurna Cronin on the ‘Gotta Get Outta This Place’ Tour:

      Thursday, 6th June: The Toff in Town, Melbourne VIC (18+)

Tickets (via Moshtix)

      Saturday, 8th June: LOW 32, Sydney NSW (18+)

Tickets (via Ticketek)

      Saturday, 14th June: Chateau Apollo, Adelaide SA (18+)

Tickets (via Eventbrite)



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