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LIVE REVIEW - Aurora @ The Forum

Updated: May 8, 2019

Norwegian dream Aurora shone brighter than ever at Melbourne's The Forum. Supported by Tones and I, the concert was full of encapsulating music, incredible vocals and a killer atmosphere. The Forum was the perfect place to have the concert. It looked as if it took place under the sky thanks to the ceilings imitating a star-lit sky with a bunch of jellyfish hanging either side of the stage ceiling, and midnight blue lighting. The underwater theme was very quirky and perfect for Aurora.

The night began with Tones and I opening with a set of pure musical generousness! She was funny, humble and incredibly engaging even from behind her mixing desk. Despite a few technical hiccups here and there, she was able to make the audience laugh and continue on with her stellar performance. With songs such as ‘Colour Blind’ and new single ‘Johnny Run Away’ performed, Tones and I set the mood for a very intimate night.

Now AURORA! The 22-year-old out did herself honestly. Even though she was unwell it didn’t come through in her performance at all, she slayed every song from upbeat ‘Warrior’ to her new single, ‘The Seed.’ She followed these with beautiful heartfelt songs like ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ and ‘Murder Song’ before finishing off with the incredible ‘Queendom’ to the crowd going wild. The show had a bit of everything, amped up vibes and stunning vocals. At one point, I could hear cries of joy from her fans when she sang ‘Through the Eyes of a Child.’

I really appreciated her show’s versatility from danceable vibes to moments of complete stillness, silence and sadness. What was most notable was the quality of the vocal performance. It was like listening to a studio performance, it’s like she doesn’t need production and it was just so refreshing and impressive.

I have never left a concert feeling so in love with the artist. I left feeling that I knew Aurora so much better. The way she opened up to the crowd, accepted presents from fans and shared intimate details (she was so sick props to her for even going through with the concert) It made me feel closer to her and feel like I really got to know her. I fell in love with Aurora tonight.

Check out her remaining shows here and for upcoming releases!



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