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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Jazz Up Your Week With The Latest Local Noise

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Just another working week, right? Wrong! We’re spicing up your day with a handful of new tracks to sink your teeth into. This Six Pack is a groovy one, with some exciting up and coming Aussie artists and a surprise contender from across the ditch in NZ.

Luke August - 'Only One In The World'

Written about “looking back at all your f*ckups and admitting to yourself that you are not perfect”, this track is the indie-pop-rock fusion we didn’t know we needed. Melbourne musician Luke August turns inwards to reveal his struggles with mental health, addiction and relationship issues. August explores every corner of his mind, searching for an escape from a dark place. His smooth-as-whiskey vocals combined with lo-fi beats and bluesy guitar makes for a laid-back listen with something for everyone.

For Fans of: Caribou, Miike Snow and Mk.gee

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Woodlock - 'Settle Down'

With the announcement of their new album in February, Melbourne trio Woodlock have dropped a new single called ‘Settle Down’. Inspired by one members relationship breakdown and another’s soaring success, two realities clash to create a captivatingly candid track. This indie-rock single with a hint of Brit-pop influence is beautiful yet dark and ultimately optimistic. Distinctive synth-riffs and intensely personal lyrics reel you in and transport you to the early 2000’s.

For Fans of: The Paper Kites, Boy and Bear and Temper Trap

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Nuria - 'Alive'

Tasmanian indie-pop singer-songwriter Nuria is ending 2020 with a bang with the release of her debut album and feature single ‘Alive’. Inspired by the rush of young love, this track is energetic, uplifting, and passionate. Nuria has a bold spirit which shines through in the emotional intensity of her music. If you vibe with this catchy track, check out the whole album!

For Fans of: Missy Higgins, Tori Amos and Regina Spektor

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The Violet Whispers - 'Floating'

The Violet Whispers is the work of Sydney based musician Nikhil Murthy. ‘Floating’ is a dynamic track featuring tranquil vocals, folk-laden guitar, gentle piano and even some jazzy sax to top things off. This introspective masterpiece was created during a time Murthy felt "emotionally, physically & spiritually removed". This internal struggle is beautifully reflected in Murthy’s honest lyrics and soulful instrumentals. With the recent passing of NAIDOC week shining a spotlight on talented indigenous artists, don't let The Violet Whispers slip under your radar!

For Fans of: Super Furry Animals, Mew and The Horrors

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Sketch Club - 'Futile Pursuits'

If you love Interpol, you will froth over this. Melbourne based trio Sketch Club have dropped a dark, edgy and angsty indie-rock track with substance. Featuring relentless percussion, staccato-style guitar and raspy vocals, ‘Futile Pursuits’ is ambient and cinematic. It’s refreshing to see an Aussie band unafraid to steer away from the surf rock route and create something grungier. It must have been fate that brought this band together via a classified ad on a music forum. Remind me again how they haven’t blown up yet?

For Fans of: Interpol, Foals and The National

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Daily J - 'She's Not Like That'

Last but certainly not least is a stand-out track from Daily J’s new album Venus Ate Mars. Hailing from Auckland, this kiwi band creates surf rock that fits effortlessly into the Aussie indie scene. The only difference is we get to listen to it from far warmer beaches😛. ‘She’s Not Like That’ takes the funk to a new level with groovy basslines, psychedelic guitar, edgy vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Make sure you listen to this one all the way through! Here’s hoping Daily J is headed over here as soon as those borders open.

For Fans of: Shag Rock, Spacey Jane and Peach Fur

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