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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: This Week’s Favourite Tracks!

This week has seen Australian music shine! From the up-and-coming artists flashing their already near-perfect feats of artistry, our favourite artists dominating with unforeseen but welcomed collaborations, or some of Australia’s finest reinventing themselves- there is sure to be a release on your radar! Take a look at six of those tracks hand-selected from the rest... ones that are sure to catch your eye (and ears)!

Eloelo- ‘Horoscopes’

After the release of the shimmering ‘Teenage Movie’, Eloelo has struck again with the hypnotic new single, ‘Horoscopes’. With touches of nostalgia within their 80’s alt-rock groove, Eloelo consistently provides audiences with homely but fresh beats to get lost within. Mystifying guitars sit upon a comforting beat, making for a capturing yet appropriately restrained solo. The vocals of frontwoman Elosie Goldsmith are as smooth as ever. Honey-like and delicate, her vocals are quickly becoming something signature for the band, branding them with an essence of fragility and spunk, capturing the range of her impressive vocal storytelling. The entirety of the track holds an insanely calm energy, making ‘Horoscope’ a listening experience filled with escapism and warmth.

For fans of: Tia Gostelow, Clairo, Hatchie

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G Flip- ‘Scream’ (featuring Upsahl)

When an Aussie pop superstar and American singer-songwriter combine, what could they possibly create? The answer lies within G Flip and Upsahl’s fresh collaboration titled ‘Scream’. Fighting between the feelings of both passion and longing, the track fluctuates in intensity, drama, and heat, all unraveling towards some of the rawest storytelling from both parties to date! In a performance of complimentary vocals and reciprocated desire, G Flip and Upsahl effortlessly conjure up an intense sense of chemistry that radiates throughout, and beyond, the track! No stranger to a musical partnership, G Flip has once again put their outstanding creative abilities and collaborative mastermind on full display.

For fans of: Mallrat, Vera Blue, Alex The Astronaut

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Approachable Members of Your Local Community- ‘Just Say It’

‘Just Say It’ sees Approachable Members Of Your Local Community say all they need to say with an underlying air of spunk and charisma, creating a weirdly wonderful journey of contrasting features. The track is lathered with harsh and relatable truths aired within the lyrics, but are disguised in the deviously content-sounding beats that take you away with ease. The effortless vocals rise to their peak within the chorus, reaching new heights and bringing another layer of vocal depth to the track. Guiding the listener to the end is an amplified mix of funky instrumentals and some slapping bass, creating new waves of energy, even when the track is almost over. ‘Just Say It’ is full of twists and turns- but is always true to this band’s charismatic and approachable identity.

For fans of: The Vanns, Eliza & The Delusionals, Moaning Lisa

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Bronte Eve- ‘Over’

Sometimes the best types of tracks are the ones you can get lost in… and this is exactly what Bronte Eve offers us with ‘Over’. Lo-fi, distant, and atmospheric, ‘Over’ holds an emphasis on its listening experience more than anything, capturing you in the mellow and calm soundscape of the track at hand. Through this skill in composition and production, the feelings of the track transcend beyond, creating an outpouring of calm and soothing energy that radiates from every second. If you thought that was all, the added minimal brass instrumental holds a maximum and mesmerizing effect. All of these elements are contained within Eve’s spellbinding vocals, all coming together to create a track you’ll wish isn't ‘Over’ so soon!

For fans of: Hallie, Hope D, FELIVAND

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I Know Leopard- ‘Good As What You Give’

I Know Leopard have been bringing their unique and emotional soundscape to the forefront in 2021, and ‘Good As What You Give’ is another stellar taste of their developing sound that is quickly cementing their name among our most beloved alt-pop acts. Distorted vocals immediately take your attention, leading you into an unexpected world of ballad-like proportions, intense instrumentals, and a whole lot of feeling. Utterly melancholic, the track is also hit with a touch of longing- an essence of what could be. Quite simply described, the track feels like the embodiment of smiling through tears, laughing when trying not to cry; a beautiful amalgamation of hope and despair. The dramatic instrumentals enhance this sense of feeling to the max, with every second of the song surrounded by the high walls of its soundscape. Beautiful and ethereal, I Know Leopard have outdone themselves with ‘Good As What You Give’.

For fans of: Jack River, Ruby Fields, Middle Kids

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Ocean Grove- ‘Cali Sun’

If there’s one thing Ocean Grove knows how to do, it’s how to ignite and capture all of your senses. ‘Cali Sun’ dominates with its huge choruses and sweeping harmonies ringing throughout the entire track. True to the band’s sound, their signature fuzz, static, and distortion melts and fuses the song together in its respective points, creating new layers and dimensions around every corner. Making a sweeping impact, this sing-along anthem is sure to make waves not only at live shows, but is sure to hold a place as one of our honorary summer anthems of 2021! A new song and a new presence have not stopped Ocean Grove from doing what they do best- creating inescapable earworms that everyone can enjoy!

For fans of: Thornhill, Hellions, Buried In Verona

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