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Livewire AU’s Sixpack: New Year, New Incredible Standard For Our Favourite Artists

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We are now well underway with the new year, and although many things are feeling all too similar, one thing that has truly stood out is the flourishing new sounds of some of our favourite artists. In the span of just over a month, some of our most beloved acts have proven that 2022 is the year to challenge creative direction, immerse art in identity, and most importantly, grow and develop with each track. This sixpack delves into some of our favourite releases of recent times, hopefully getting you on track to watch out for their next big steps!

‘In The Middle (Of It)’ - Bugs

Set to make 2022 their year, Bugs have thrown out their latest undeniable banger in the form of ‘In The Middle (Of It)’. Taken from the upcoming album ‘Cooties’, it’s hard to stay away from this band that is already infected with energy and electricity. True to any Bugs track, the supersonic soundscapes create a spectacle among the homely and passionate vocals of Connor Brooker. It is these vocals that soar, holding a versatility that makes every line a new adventure. The unmissable guitar riff compliments, holding so much character with its loveable quirk and angsty edge. In a feat of powerful craftsmanship, Bugs tell a story not merely through lyrics, but through every element of the song, radiating from all creative choices- both big and small.

“It’s a yearning track about feeling like you're always the second option for someone. The to and fro internally while trying to figure out where you stand with someone can be so confusing, itʼs kind of just an internal dialogue I had while being effectively led on by someone already in a relationship,” explains Connor Brooker

For fans of: The Grogans, The Vanns, Hockey Dad

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‘Milk’- Beddy Rays

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but there is room for crying tears of joy over Beddy Rays latest single, ‘Milk’! In a fast-paced belter, the band has found a perfect balance between distortion and clarity, playing with layers in the sound composition throughout the track. There is nothing quite like the lovable vocals of the band to truly elevate the charm of their tracks. Of course, these vocals lead us to an earworm of a chorus that is sure not to nudge its way out of our heads anytime soon. Beneath the surface of this fun tune that is sure to ignite the live stage, heartwarming energy can be found that reminds any listener to let go- especially to the powerful riffs of this track. Once again, Beddy Rays have maintained their dual identity; their loveable larrikin spirit that also strips back to create songs that are meaningful, passionate, and fill any listener with a sense of meaning.

For fans of: Sly Withers, Teenage Joans, Dear Seattle

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‘Solid Gold’- False London

False London is not settling for second place with their dazzling new single, ‘Solid Gold’. Always funky and always unapologetically true to themselves, the band’s latest track sees them asserting their growing status into the new year releases thus far. In a fusion of big sounds and even bigger attitudes, the band never fails to create unique listening experiences and exciting twists in their tracks ‘Solid Gold’ captures a stunning vocal performance that is only elevated by the fast pace instrumentals and pronounced drum beat. Each element works together to uplift the next; an audible representation of this band’s unmatched partnership and infectious, palpable connection. If there is one thing you can count on False London to deliver, it is a track that is going to wear out your repeat button.

For fans of: You Me At Six, Highline, STUMPS

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‘Outside’ - Lucy Francesca Dron

Always outside of the box, Lucy Francesca Dron’s latest track, ‘Outside’, illuminates this budding artist’s unmatched vision and awe-inspiring creativity. The track explores a cauldron of sounds that with Lucy’s touch, have come together to create a foundation that is not only unique, but intriguing and addictive. ‘Outside’ labels Lucy as an artist with an intense sense of individualism, approaching every element of her music with a perspective that is cleverly crafted and considered. Dron takes the audience on a journey through her mind- a combination of sounds, styles, and creative freedoms that transform into the sounds of tomorrow with ease.

For fans of: Hiatus Kaiyote, Jaala, The Strokes

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‘I Wanna Be’- Darcie Haven

In her debut single, Darcie Haven has asserted her position as one of our up-and-coming storytellers, wearing her heart on her sleeve within her track ‘I Wanna Be’. Melancholic and utterly charming, Haven has blended all the ingredients of whimsical indie-pop along with her unique touch and personal experience to create the new era of coming-of-age anthems. Her delicate vocals offer a heart-fracturing emotion and an even more intense sense of relatability. Grabbing the listener by the hand and guiding them through the tumultuous times of our current world, Darcie Haven is sure to be the next soundtrack to our core life experiences.

For fans of: MAY-A, Soccer Mommy, LAUREL

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‘Underwater’- Happy Valley

If you have not gotten lost in Happy Valley’s indescribable worldbuilding before, now is the time. Haunting and experimental, ‘Underwater’ captures you with its eccentric energy. This all-encompassing sound is truly something to behold. Both ethereal and mysterious, the band creates moments of calm among the chaos and everything in between. Within its flux is a constant sense of something more building below the surface that entices a real and genuine response in any listener. Happy Valley uses its music as a vessel to conjure feeling and stir emotion, and they certainly do not do it lightly. It is fair to say that the band does not merely create a song, but an experience- and one that will capture you whether you want it to or not.

For fans of: Nothing But Thieves, Muse, Bon Iver

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