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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: An Eclectic Mix To Get You Through Your Week!

This week, we’ve seen a bunch of new releases from some of our favourite artists! Whether they're up-and-coming, or well asserted in their scene, these artists are showing off their strengths with some of their best releases to date! Flourishing in their own ways, these tracks are beautifully unique and frame the ever-growing world of soundscapes we are lucky to delve into! You may just find your new favourite song here!

Happy Valley- ‘Lonely Art’

Still swept away from their last single, Happy Valley have hit us with their second release of the year in the form of ‘Lonely Art’. From the early seconds of the track, it is impossible to ignore the deep, captivating, and almost haunting vocals of the band. Laced with emotion and a tense sense of desperation, longing, and passion, these vocals shatter all boundaries to reach out and touch you emotionally. This energy is not merely matched, but amplified through the ethereal soundscape created with the instrumentals, that of which are largely comprised of echoing motions and plentiful distortions. The band’s thoughtful experimentation has proved to stun yet again, with ‘Lonely Art’ creating an auditory world that transports the listener and transcends musical boundaries. It’s hard not to get lost in this song!

For fans of: The Neighbourhood, Gang Of Youths, Highline

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Platonic Sex- ‘Disappoint Another’

If there’s one band we can count on to never disappoint us, it’s Platonic Sex… even with their latest single ‘Disappoint Another’. With an opening that is grungy and fuzzy, we are immediately roped back into the exciting and unique style of the band. It doesn't take long to be carried away by the lovable vocals that are both charismatic and charming- adding a unique touch that is now something we look forward to hearing in a Platonic Sex release! ‘Disappoint Another’ unleashes with its strong chorus that sees a perfect conversation take place between the vocals and instrumentals, together combining to unleash a sound that consumes you and makes you want to dance. The track has many twists and turns and consistently outdoes itself to keep getting more and more exciting. There is never a dull moment when Platonic Sex is soundtracking!

For fans of: Sweater Curse, Camp Cope, Teenage Joans

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Dusty- ‘Anxiety’

Always bright and full of energy, Dusty is the embodiment of music made with an emphasis on identity, fun, and a passion for sound. This, of course, is no different in their latest release, ‘Anxiety’. Bubbly and fun, the band tackles the most juxtaposing of battles; discussing anxiety through a lens that is carefree, humorous, and outwardly looking beyond the dread and all-consuming fear. A perfect blend of pop and indie-rock makes this track absolutely irresistible, with infectious drums and addictive guitar leading us through many heights of the song. We cannot forget the cherry on top in the form of the band’s quirky and charismatic vocals, wrapping up ‘Anxiety’ into a high-energy, Dusty-esque package!

For fans of: RedHook, BUGS, Eliza & The Delusionals

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90ivy- ‘Tiffany’

Somber and melancholic, 90ivy are tackling a new type of intensity within their latest single ‘Tiffany’. Punchy as always, ‘Tiffany’ commands attention from the very first second but is particularly hard to escape within its powerful chorus. Sharp and heavy instruments lead, and provide a solid foundation for an emotive and impactful vocal performance. Together, they combine with ease to penetrate the soul with an almost tangible sense of vulnerability and feeling. As the song ramps up, so too do the layers, creating a world emotion within 90ivy’s perfectly crafted soundscape. ‘Tiffany’ once again highlights the band’s strength and recurring capabilities in storytelling, developing their songs far beyond loveable audio, but lacing them each with an essence of narrative.

For fans of: CLEWS, The Buoys, Annie Hamilton

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Golden Vessel- ‘pockets full of rocks’ (featuring Mallrat and Emerson Leif)

They say good things come in threes, and ‘pockets full of rocks’ definitely proves it! This collaboration between Golden Vessel, Mallrat, and Emerson Leif has us absolutely hooked. There’s a warmth that radiates from the entirety of this track, whether it be from the stringy acoustic instrumentals, the homely vocal performances, or the slight quirk that lingers between each beat. In a collaboration so seamless, it is almost like this has always been waiting to happen. There is an unwavering partnership between the key elements that see the delicate vocals always perfectly guided by the soft beats and surrounding echoes, never letting either outshine the outer. Light and invigorating, this song is a soundtrack to sunset moments, calm afternoons, and the odd chilly summer breeze.

For fans of: Mansionair, Akurei, E^ST

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RADICALS- ‘feel’

RADICALS are one of those acts proving they are becoming stronger and stronger with every release, and the latest sucker punch comes in the form of ‘feel’. Intoxicating riffs immediately strike and continue to carry throughout the whole track, creating a solid backbone (and lure) into this raging tune. The band’s passionate vocals that blend from grimy and understated to roaring and passionate put on an extraordinary show, displaying the band’s shifting tones and capabilities perfectly. Channelling punk and pop-punk roots with an inventive twist, and of course, a more than loveable Aussie twang, ‘feel’ immediately becomes a catchy anthem that is sure to be stuck in your head after just one listen. With another show stopping belter, RADICALS have yet again asserted their position as one of the most exciting bands to watch!

For fans of: Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers, Bakers Eddy, Skeggs

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