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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Atmospheric Anthems and Transporting Tracks

It’s been another big week of chaos, hope, positivity, angst, and everything in-between. Despite any of the challenges that have been thrown our way, it’s been another stellar week of Australian music, ready to launch us into a world other than our own. This week’s hand-selected tracks focus on atmospheric anthems and transporting tunes using their artistry and identity to create songs that not merely world build, but transform the world around us… just for a moment. Get ready for a journey like no other with these fresh hits!

Spacey Jane- ‘Lunchtime’

Spacey Jane has swiftly inserted themselves into the Australian narrative, becoming one of our most beloved acts since their emergence in 2016. To this day, the band has been constructing their emotive anthems through their fragile yet self-assertive sound- a notion that is clear in their latest single, ‘Lunchtime’. The entrancing guitars lead you towards a chorus that is instantly recognizable and so inherently Spacey. Like always, lead vocalist Caleb underpins the track with his ever comforting vocal performance; an act that never fails to hold an immeasurably emotive and vulnerable tone. Together, these elements have created another perfect heart-on-sleeve anthem for the band, once again proving that their genuine storytelling and honest songwriting is not only an integral feature of the band, but one that Australia cannot get enough of. Hit after hit, Spacey Jane continues to excel whilst being true to their sound, identity, and themselves!

For fans of: The Vanns, Lime Cordiale, Hockey Dad

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Vera Blue- ‘Temper’

If there is one thing to say about Vera Blue’s approach to music, it can simply be described with the word angelic. Her latest single, ‘Temper’, proves no different, and is an awe-inspiring feat of her sharp, delicate, and emotional vocal performance. Intertwined with a vibrant beat, a beautiful juxtaposition is created between the delicate and the poppy, a perfectly balanced combination of the two that creates a mesmerizing sound. It is the somewhat simplicity of Blue’s backing instrumentals that put her vocals under the spotlight and allow anyone to recognize the weight and power her performance holds. Warm, connected, and emotive, ‘Temper’ instantly introduces itself with a sense of comfort and relatability, as well as an overwhelming timelessness that can keep it on repeat for hours.

For fans of: Eves Karydas, Mallrat, Jack River

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Baker Boy- ‘Headphones’ (featuring Lara Andallo)

All the anticipation has lead to this moment- Baker Boy’s debut album, ‘Gela’. In an album all about identity and truths, ‘Gela’ tackles these themes with rhythm, conviction, and of course, an unquestionable flow. One of the key tracks from the release is ‘Headphones’ featuring Lara Andallo. Together, the two artists create a moment of auditory bliss, with Baker Boy’s assured storytelling perfectly balancing against the smooth vocals of Andallo. With many of his tracks featuring other artists, including ‘Headphones’, Baker Boy’s synergistic skills come out to play. It is not merely adaptability that ensures every collaboration sounds perfect, but it is the inviting nature that radiates from his vocal performance that makes every other voice feel at home. Evident on this track (and more), ‘Headphones’ is a groove-inducing earworm that puts Baker Boy’s individual skill and unmatched collaborative efforts to the forefront!

For fans of: Meg Mac, A.B. Original, Thundamentals

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Psychedelic Porn Crumpets- ‘Lava Lamp Pisco’

The masters of beautiful madness are back with their latest single release, ‘Lava Lamp Pisco’. Taking a new approach to their often chaotically positive soundscape, this release ventures into a naturally occurring spiral of darkness. Emulated by distortion in a track rooted in its guitar-centric nature, ‘Lava Lamp Pisco’ is a heavy and layered experience, continually adding more and more to push the bounds of what seems like feeble optimism. True to the Crumpets identity, ‘Lava Lamp Pisco’ is more than just a track playing through but is a whole otherworldly experience created by the eccentric skills and transporting abilities of the band. Sure to get your brain buzzing, this track is another impressive feat from the Perth band.

For fans of: Babe Rainbow, The Murlocs, Post Animal

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George Alice- ‘Mid Years’

‘Mid Years’ is the next showstopping release adding to George Alice’s already packed discography. With each new release, George Alice is proving that sometimes, age and experience have nothing on raw and personal storytelling. ‘Mid Years’ delves into a bouncy and vibrant dancefloor track, using its pop influences and high amounts of synth to create an unmissable energy that bursts throughout the track. Floating above these tantalizing sounds are the flowy vocals of Alice; always warm, hazy, and comforting. Defining her sound and identity as a teen doing what a teen does, authentically, ‘Mid Years’ is the disguised pop anthem of life that we all need right now!

For fans of: merci, mercy, Sycco, Alice Ivy

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Felivand- ‘Where Were You’

From the second ‘Where Were You’ begins, we are invited into a soulful, smooth, and homely soundscape- an environment that fosters the intense energy of this song perfectly. It is in this soundscape that you begin to disappear as the track takes you away, and before you know it, it’s over. Capturing us in its magical spell, ‘Where Were You’ is an anthem of longing laced with the beauty of Felivand’s brooding and intense vocals; a penetrating voice of professionalism and sheer elegance. It’s easy to get lost in this track for all the right reasons, so embark on this listening journey with all the right cautions!

For fans of: Jorja Smith, Kate Bollinger, cehryl

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