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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: Fresh New Tracks Picked Just For You

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

New week, new music! We’ve handpicked some of the best new tracks from some of our fave Australian artists, delivered straight to your ears. Covering a broad range of genres, there’s plenty to get excited about this week. So let’s get into it!

Charlie Collins - ‘F*ck It’

The latest release from Sydney’s Charlie Collins is a fast-paced and fun indie track that sees the artist lean more towards her rock influences than in her previous songs. Lively drumming keeps the energy high throughout the track as Charlie’s warming vocal tone takes us on a journey of self-blame as she accepts responsibility for her wrongdoings, her desperation building to an anthemic lyrical hook in the track’s last quarter.

F*uck it / it’s my fault

Packed with overdriven guitars and contagious riffs, ‘F*ck It’ is made to be blasted and wherever you find yourself listening, you’ll be hard pressed staying still.

For Fans Of: Julia Jacklin, Soccer Mummy, War On Drugs

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Man Sandal - 'Can't Mean Much'

The latest offering from wholesome Western Australian five-piece Man Sandal showcases their distinct fusion of indie-folk and jazz with a lush, layered track that overflows with instrumental prowess and intimate songwriting. ‘Can’t Mean Much’ contains almost six minutes of raw emotion, dripping with feathery vocals and sun-drenched guitar riffs, sprinkled with grand piano, violin and trumpet. The second release from their upcoming debut album ‘Chess Club’, the song’s latter half sees a tempo change that rises with the pull of the tide, exposing glistening vocal harmonies over an instrumental build. Clearly just a taste of big things to come from Man Sandal.

For Fans Of: Smol Fish, Julia Jacklin, Airline Food

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A.GIRL - 'Luv Drunk'

Known for her effortlessly soulful vocal flow found in her captivating meld of pop and R&B, A.GIRL's latest single ‘Luv Drunk’ is no exception. The Sydney artist returns with this intoxicating track that blends hip-hop flavours, heavy bass and hard-hitting lyrics in a polished production by Taka Perry. Written about falling in and out of love, A.GIRL states:

I wrote Luv Drunk for my future self when I was 17 and in a relationship. Now that I'm 21 and single it's like watching an old re-run of the Simpsons that relates to me now more than ever.”

The release of ‘Luv Drunk’ coincides with the exciting announcement that A.GIRL will be performing at a headline show in Sydney at Oxford Arts Factory on May 20.

For Fans Of: SZA, Jhené Aiko, Jorja Smith

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Bad JuJu - ‘In the Clouds’

Aussie alt-rock outfit Bad JuJu have released another loud and proud track with ‘In the Clouds’. Leaning heavily on their 90’s grunge influences, ‘In the Clouds’ contains quintessential anthemic choruses found between balmy verses that allow for epic builds. Relying on the necessities: hard-hitting drums, slashing riffs and gritty vocals, ‘In the Clouds’ sees Bad JuJu at their best - brawny but with plenty of heart. Another winner from the Melbourne boys.

For Fans Of: Brand New, Thrice, Citizen

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daste. – ‘expectations’ (feat. Akurei)

Electronic trio daste. have served up another tasty lo-fi pop groove with ‘expectations’, featuring guest vocals of fellow Gold Coast artist Akurei. ‘expectations’ is a warm hug, enveloping you with smooth vocals, hazy production and a lingering bassline. The addition of Akurei’s dreamy vocal tone adds an extra element of vulnerability to the track, which was written about living for yourself instead of for other people. daste. further explains:

“Expectations is about stepping outside of the box that the world tends to put you in, and living for yourself instead of becoming what everybody expects you to be. A line in the song that captures this perfectly is 'these clothes don’t fit me right, can’t always fit your size'. In life you often get given an outline that you are supposed to fit into, and most of the time it’s better if you let those expectations go and let your true self shine.”

daste. are definitely hitting the chill-pop sweet spots with this one and have got us quivering with anticipation for their upcoming debut album ‘dusk / dawn’.

For Fans Of: Parcels, Tora, Two Another

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Sesame Girl - ‘Get Up’

Introducing themselves to the scene with their debut track ‘Get Up’ are four piece dream poppers Sesame Girl. Turning heads with this track due to its joyous melodies, floating vocals and infectious hooks, Canberra’s Sesame Girl have already established themselves as ones to watch. Their 80’s and 90’s alt-rock influences are obvious as the track compels you to dance, whilst their bedroom-pop roots bring a buoyancy to the song that places you in a happy daze. ‘Get Up’ is a big hello from Sesame Girl that has us responding with a “see you again very soon!”

For Fans Of: Beach House, Clairo, Men I Trust

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