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LivewireAU’s Six Pack: The Homegrown Music Videos We Love

What a rollercoaster of a month it’s been so far! With lockdowns being implemented across the country, many of us are bouncing off the walls, looking for anything to keep us distracted - Woo Olympics! However with the devastating impact that this new reality are having on our music industry, we wanted to give you some lockdown entertainment whilst also supporting our local artists. Cue six epic music videos that are just as enjoyable for the eyes as they are for the ears. So grab the popcorn and get comfy, we’re about to begin.

The Oogars - ‘Rapids’

Getting us started is the all-female psychedelic rock quartet The Oogars with an entrancing music video for their 2021 single ‘Rapids’. Hailing from the Northern Rivers of NSW, The Oogars have had a huge year with the long-awaited release of their debut EP Waiting All Day, which includes the dangerously bewitching ‘Rapids’, taking us on a psychedelic journey through luring synths, gripping grooves and ritualistic chanting.

“‘Rapids’ is an expression of an overwhelmed mind striving to surrender and flow, letting an idea grow and take over you.”

Donning impressive head-pieces, chiffon silk and no shoes, The Oogars embody four esoteric creatures living amongst the bushland and coastline of Bundjalung Country. With synchronised dancing and trance-like effects, this video is completely absorbing from start to finish, accurately bringing the song’s meaning to life with distinctive Oogar strength and mystique.

For Fans Of: Nice Biscuit, Hinds, The Growlers

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Sycco - ‘Past Life’

Indie-pop songstress Sycco has been moving from strength to strength this year, collecting a hoard of prestigious music achievements, including being named as Apple Music’s Up Next Artist, winning the Levi’s Music Prize and being included in YouTube Music’s Foundry Class of 2021. As well as releasing her highly anticipated vibrant debut EP, Sycco’s First EP.

Within this colourful seven-track debut we find ‘Past Life’, a punchy, pop power piece delivered with a technicolour music video that only broadens the song’s scope. Without using too many frills, the video sees Sycco in front of changing backgrounds, with different outfits representing an evolution in personality. The clip uses the track’s heavy basslines to move sharply between backgrounds, becoming more chaotic as the song progresses. The video is captivating in its blatant effects, letting the song land exactly where it needs to, with Sycco as an enchanting focal point throughout.

For Fans Of: mallrat, Alice Ivy, MAY-A

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AGAPANTHER - 'Last Legs'

Adelaide’s alt-punk outfit AGAPANTHER are known for delivering melodic hardcore bangers that are hard-hitting, in every sense of the word. Bringing emotionally poignant lyricism to their fervent sound, the boys brought down all of their walls with their first single of the year, ‘Last Legs’, a bittersweet track about the loss of a childhood pet.

“Last Legs centres around the story of members Kyle and Dylan losing their childhood dog. The song focuses on the events leading up to her passing and the new feelings of grief that the boys experienced as they had to say goodbye to their beloved family beagle.”

The emotional music video tells this story in full, with AGAPANTHER hitting the sweet spot between manic punk energy and tear-jerking emotion. Set at the family home, the clip moves between movie-like scenes of loss and grief, cut with shots of the band rocking out in the living room. Heartfelt and nostalgic, the video should come with a complimentary box of tissues because it is sure to leave you teary-eyed.

For Fans Of: Drug Church, Violent Soho, Dear Seattle

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Witching Hour - 'Queen of Wands'

Coming out of Melbourne, Witching Hour (a.k.a Claire Quartz) is a pop-punk artist who has been spellbinding audiences with candy-goth influences and an enchanting musical flourish. Now, the latest single from Witching Hour’s debut album Book of Shadows, ‘Queen of Wands’ provides addictive hooks, juicy basslines and the perfect amount of chaos, propelling us into the dark, sparkling candyland that is bubblegum punk.

The ‘Queen of Wands’ music video is the perfect accompaniment to the track - triumphant, fun and empowering. We follow the different colours of Witching Hour as she performs different tasks, from doing her hair to dancing in a carpark. The polished production of the clip and the effort that Witching Hour put into her props and costumes, from her yellow eyelashes to her coordinated nails, brings an extra sparkle to the video and conveys the song’s message of being your own queen. I don’t know about you, but I have some newfound lockdown inspiration… brb, ordering a tutu online.

For Fans Of: Paramore, Poppy, Kali Uchis

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Action Slacks - ‘Rapid Fire’

Brisbane’s electronic indie-pop project Action Slacks have shimmered onto the scene with their vibrant synth-pop soundscapes that combine 80’s pop influences and groove-drenched rhythms. This year, the release of their debut EP Voids saw the arrival of new single ‘Rapid Fire’, dripping with pulsing synth layers and an undeniable beat that begs to be played over an 80’s era dance floor.

Like the band’s influences, the ‘Rapid Fire’ music video is wonderfully old-school, reminiscent of classic clips you’d find on Rage’s 80’s Party Mix playlist. Jumping between the band playing together on the road, to frontwoman Maddy singing in front of colourful, nostalgic backgrounds, the video is bright and endearing and is a strong introduction for Action Slacks.

For Fans Of: Sky Ferreira, Madonna, Pale Waves

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Voidhood - ‘EERIE’

Finally, we have the latest track from producer Will Klep, better known as Voidhood. Dark, distorted and experimental, Voidhood toys with his listeners with edgy, uncomfortable tracks that induce chills and defy the norm. ‘EERIE’ embodies this completely, living up to its name with abrasively distorted vocals, cutting production and unstable bass.

With a video that never stays in one place, ‘EERIE’s’ visual accompaniment observes the surrounding world through Voidhood’s lens, making bustling cityscapes seem ominous and moving quickly from different locations that are cold, lonely and disquieting. Voidhood clearly knows the kind of feelings he wants to evoke and is achieving that with his unique sound and immense creativity. Time to get on the edge of your seat and let Voidhood make you feel wonderfully uncomfortable.

For Fans Of: Fi McCluskey, Borderland State

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