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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Warm Up Your Autumn Nights

We've sorted through the latest releases to bring you the best in Australian music this week. Enjoy!

Nicole McKinney - 'Stay'

‘Stay’ is the latest enchanting release from Brisbane singer songwriter Nicole McKinney. In this track, McKinney pours her heart out to share her struggles with ending a toxic relationship. McKinney shared, "'Stay’ is about hating the person who hurt me but feeling like I couldn’t live without them." Fuzzed out guitars and raspy vocals make for an emotionally charged track that perfectly captures the feelings of volatility, anguish and urgency. 'Stay' is to be followed up by Nicole McKinney's highly anticipated debut EP The Process on June 11. The countdown is on!

Wish I could be a little help/ I’m sitting alone again/ And I could tell you never felt But baby this is not right

For Fans Of: Asha Jefferies, Julia Jacklin, Soccer Mommy

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Anna Smyrk - 'Human Condition'

Anna Smyrk is giving us a healthy dose of nihilism with her latest track ‘Human Condition’. Smyrk’s folk vocals combined with punchy drums and gutsy guitars make for brilliantly memorable track. Anna Smyrk shared, "I wrote 'Human Condition' during Melbourne's 2020 lockdown. It's a little explosion of frustration about a world where, even in normal times, it's so hard to connect with each other that it's making us sick." During a time when forming genuine relationships seems near impossible, it's nice to know you're not alone.

You say there's nothing good and nothing bad/

There's just what you take and what you're given/

You say so what if I'm feeling sad?/

This loneliness is just a part of living

For Fans of: Middle Kids, Carla Geneve, Alex Lahey

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Izzy Day - 'Silence'

Alternative soul singer songwriter Izzy Day has unveiled her ambient new single ‘Silence’. Prepare for chills as Izzy’s ethereal vocals take you on a dreamy journey. R&B beats and guitar plucking create the perfect backdrop for this romantic escape. Izzy Day revealed,“Silence’ relays vulnerable challenging moments along the journey of love. Its melodic vibe carries you through, unmasking a paradox of emotions, between feelings of disconnection and deep longing.” The music video brings Izzy's vision for her gorgeous new track to life effortlessly.

From close or afar I adore you, I adore you/

We’ve come too far to break the glass/

If all that I had is a memory of you, it’s more than I could ever ask

For Fans Of: Meg Mac, BENEE, Maggie Rogers

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The Velvet Club - 'Everything's Changing'

Making their start playing small backyard parties, The Velvet Club’s latest track ‘Everything’s Changing’ proves just how far they’ve come. This Melbourne band have a knack for nostalgic indie-rock with infectiously catchy riffs. ‘Everything’s Changing’ talks about feeling trapped in your everyday routine and longing to do something more worthwhile. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, AJ (vocals and guitar) shared "I guess just playing gigs on weekends while trying to find time to practice and play while we were working and stuff, and that feeling of just wanting to just play music and not having to go to work".

Not everybody can be clever/

You don't have to act tough/

In the end when it's over/

Can you say you've lived enough?

For Fans Of: DMA’S, The War On Drugs, The Vanns

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ASTON - 'Firebomb'

After listening to her latest track ‘Firebomb’, all we can say is that ASTON is a certified badass. ‘Firebomb’ has an enthralling contrast between gritty vocals and impeccably produced pop. ASTON’s fierce attitude, striking vocals and rebellious spirit gives her unmatched global pop appeal. ASTON toyed with the idea of this song whilst she came to terms with the fact she was being warped by a narcissist “When you’re in the middleASTON writes “It’s hard to see the bigger picture but the day you snap out of their spell, you realise how sick they made you."

Damn I'm so sick from your love/

Hit me hard where it burns just to make you feel better/

Deadlock there ain't a way out/

I'm a deer in the lights and you're pulling the trigger

For Fans Of: Dua Lipa, Tove Lo, Miley Cyrus

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Godlands - 'My Weakness (feat. BRUX)'

Dubbed as the queen of the Australian bass music scene, Godlands has proved herself again with her latest track ‘My Weakness (feat. BRUX)’. This track is a taste of what’s to come from the Adelaide producer as she gears up for a new EP and Australian tour. Continuing this week's apparent theme of toxic relationships, this collaboration captures how easily we can finding ourselves slipping back into old ways. Godland’s five track EP TY4R (Thank You 4 Raging) is due out June 4 and you can grab tickets to her upcoming tour here.

When I think I'm standing strong, I come crawling back to you/

Almost like clockwork in my mind, I come crawling back to you/

You're my weakness everytime

For Fans Of: Running Touch, What So Not, Golden Features

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