Luke Daniel Peacock Appreciates 'The Odd Specifics' On New Single

After already releasing two highly praised singles this year, Luke Daniel Peacock is back with his new single ‘The Odd Specifics’. Obviously influenced by 80’s pop, ‘The Odd Specifics’ is a heartfelt analysis of our society, that couldn’t have come at a better time.

Born in Brisbane, Luke Daniel Peacock draws inspiration for his music as a descendant of the Meriam people of the eastern Torres Strait Islands, and also his Scottish heritage. Both have special ties to music and culture that Luke Daniel Peacock shares through his music. His latest single ‘The Odd Specifics’ comes as a criticism of the dystopian aspects of the modern world.

“The Odd Specifics was written out of frustration in witnessing so much of our world in the hands of fools,” said Luke“It’s calling out neglect in many forms, but focusing on the attitudes, the ghosting and the lies that have become commonplace in Western culture. It’s examining how life has become about whose lie and whose smile is the most convincing.”

With bubbly synths, ‘The Odd Specifics’ plays like a soothing sea breeze that builds up to a chorus that explodes with a joyous infection, with Luke Daniel Peacock exclaiming “it’s all gonna be okay”. The vocals throughout the track are distorted slightly to fuse with the heavy synth on the rest of the track, creating a blurry, dimensional track. The lyrics of distress and pleading provide the potent melancholy feel – even if the vocals are incomprehensible at times, the emotion is evident in Luke Daniel Peacock’s voice.

‘The Odd Specifics’ makes 2020 a home run for Luke Daniel Peacock. A song oozing with 80’s nostalgia that perfectly complements his previous two singles this year ‘Older Then’ and “Give Me a Reason’. Luke Daniel Peacock is on a roll, and who knows where he will end up.