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Mal de Mer's New EP 'Gone Fishing' Is An Absolute Catch

Perth-based indie group Mal de Mer are making their presence known with the release of their long-awaited debut EP Gone Fishing. Mal de Mer have brought their uniquely creative vision to life with this genre-defying release. Gone Fishing blends jazz, funk and pop to showcase Mal de Mer’s dynamic songwriting abilities across five tracks. From politics to inner turmoil, Mal de Mer’s clever lyricism is delivered with a distinctive Aussie twang.

Mal de Mer have continued to develop their trademark sound since bursting onto the music scene in 2018 with ‘Wet Socks’. Known for their infectious dance tracks, the group has shared stages with DZ Deathrays, Great Gable and Slowly Slowly to name a few. Scattering releases over the past two years, Gone Fishing is the epic culmination of Mal de Mer's musical journey so far.

'Gone Fishing’ is a high-energy start to the EP, fusing lush reverb guitars with groovy synth beats. This track drives forward with bubbly arrangements, reaching a high-energy chorus speaking on a more serious topic. The group shared, "'Gone Fishing' is a track about mental health, internal back-and-forths and being left in a lurch by someone you trust”. This track will hit home when you're balancing a lot of things on your plate and struggling to feel understood by those around you.

I get claustrophobic/

Tell me have you noticed?/

Always say I'm joking/

I take a lot of coaxing

Don’t be fooled by the name, ‘Smile’ is absolutely ruthless and we adore it. This track holds an angsty brooding feeling, simmering to a fierce chorus with crashing cymbals. ‘Smile’ speaks on behalf of a frustrated and exhausted Get Y trying to change things under a government that seems to disregard us. Saskia Flemming shared, “Virtually everyone can relate to songs about love, but I know not everyone is going to relate to how I was feeling about our country's leadership during the bushfire crisis". Jazzy and overflowing with attitude, Mal de Mer have pushed the envelope to create a fearless track that sends a crucial message.

I'm sick and fired, my planet looks tired/

I don’t read the signs, they all lie/

I take medication, now my head is aching/

Telling me I look down, that’s because I'm down

‘Far Cough’ is a tongue-in-cheek track that takes you through a journey of emotional ups-and-downs. 'Far Cough' rolls along with groovy bass lines and bursts into a funk-fuelled chorus. The group shared, "The song dives into settling for a situation that you shouldn't, and asking for changes that never come. It dives into that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realise it's time for you to go." Make sure you see this one through until the end to catch the incredible trumpet solo. Is there anything Mal de Mer can't do?

I know that you're gonna pick a more suited lover/

I'll buy my time, you look so happy when I sigh/

Get out it's now or never, for worse or better/

Tell me that you're fine, but I can taste a lie

‘People Like You’ serves as a big FU to anyone who’s ever made you feel small. Centered around incredibly catch riffs and Saskia’s distinctively unapologetic vocals, this track is a winner. Saskia Flemming shared, "I’m especially proud of the outro on this one- it started off as a sort of vocal solo, but when Julia and I started stacking harmonies onto it in the studio it evolved into this anthemic crescendo ending." ‘People Like You’ reminds us to never change who we are to make those who are intimidated feel more comfortable.

This is one of those days, sit alone with my head/

You tell me not to panic/

But you said it so irately/

Life just feels like one big shitty comedown lately

‘Don’t Blink’ is the perfect end to this incredible rollercoaster Mal de Mer have been kind enough to take us on. Saskia’s ethereal vocals work in harmony with subdued instruments that complement her every move. ‘Don’t Blink’ is for those times when you need to escape reality for a while to re-center with yourself. In classic Mal de Mer fashion, this track comes to a beautifully chaotic ending with trumpet and hard-hitting percussion.

I'm so sick of everyone right now , they're dragging me down/

I wanna be in a bubble just floating right out of town/

I wanna be so far up in the clouds, never touching the ground/

How can I be all I wanna be without being seen?

Gone Fishing is a truly epic debut EP that defies the rules of conventional songwriting to bring us something original, eccentric and textured. Grab tickets to the EP launch at Rosemount Hotel on Saturday May 22nd here.



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