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MARLOE. Blows Us Away with Dreamy New Single 'Worked Harder'

MARLOE. by Nikita Pere Photography

Brisbane’s electro-pop sensation MARLOE. has dropped her latest single ‘Worked Harder’ and girl is it a banger! Perfectly juxtaposing upbeat production against melancholic lyricism, her emotive vocals infused with catchy melodies makes us feel a blissful dream-like state that we just don't want to wake up from.

Written in-studio during lockdown with fellow Queenslander MDWS, the new track is an expression of her inner monologue, addressing her experiences where people have overstepped the boundaries she put in place. MARLOE. shares:

“I wrote this song at a time when I felt I was being pushed and pulled in too many directions and I allowed people to abuse the boundaries I had set. It's kind of a glimpse of this inner monologue of me realising if someone wanted to be in my life they would be, and I don't need to bend and break myself just to make someone stick around. I had planned to work on a different song in the studio that day, but when I woke up and got ready the chorus, melody and lyrics just started pouring out of me and in that moment it was like I had finally let go of this energy that was holding me back and instantly felt lighter.”

MARLOE.'s dazzling showreel of highlights is already worthy of boasting. Her previously released singles ‘Secrets’ and ‘Remember Me’ have garnered spots on television. If you vibe the likes of Lorde and Vera Blue, then MARLOE. is right up your alley. A definite force to be reckoned with, make sure you watch out for this rising star in the pop scene.

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