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MOZË manifests dreams in ‘Saving’

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

UK-born and Melbourne/Naarm raised artist Zoe Marshall (aka MOZË) was here to show us what’s what in the world of neo-soul on her new single released last week.

MOZË (pronounced Mo-zee) shines in neo-soul ballad ‘Saving’, an evolving slow burner that erupts into a colourful fusioned soundscape strung with intoxicating vocals.

About the anticipation of living your dream, this is a tune that wouldn’t feel out of place at the end of a cracking Disney movie about fulfilling your purpose, when the production team can really get funky with it.

The lady herself says the song represents an intrinsic part of her artistic character.

“I wanted to allude to my ability to dream and wonder, a core part of my soul,” MOZË said.

“The danger of this is its power to take you away from the present moment, to build expectations that are not balanced with certainty.

“When I perform ‘Saving‘, my dream manifests itself at the moment and becomes real.”

Opening with softly twinkling percussives, MOZË floats in as if on a vocal cloud, with gorgeous control that rises and shakes with tension.

This then bottoms out into a groovy distort beat that MOZË follows with alacrity, her thrumming emotions wrenched into powerful, dirty belts that are as technically impressive as they are satisfying.

Partnering with producer Michael Abelard who works with the likes of Hayden James and G-Flip, ’Saving’ represents a new direction for MOZË who generally self-produces her alt-pop/neo-soul anthems.

The layering of synths, live strings and combination of calm and chaotic takes your ears on a sonic journey, the end destination being MOZË’s Spotify, anxiously scrolling for more bangers.

‘Saving‘ is MOZË‘s third release since her 2021 debut, following singles ‘Ruse’ and ‘Afraid’.

'Saving' was released via Squinked Records on August 11 and performed the same night at Colour in Melbourne.




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