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Muki’s New Single Will Fill Up All The ‘Space/City Limits’

We love it when an artist throws a wrench into the norm to shake things up. In this case, there’s an artist in Sydney who moves away from typical indie pop by taking us into the future with her forward sounding pop beats and digitised vocals. Her name is Muki and her new single ‘Space/City Limit’ is sure to pave a way for tomorrow’s future pop acts.

The track itself is about the post break up period. It’s a time when your relationships have been strained, with others having been severed entirely.

“There was nowhere to escape the remnants of that relationship,” says Muki. “The cathartic thing about this song is that I got to really flesh out this idea in one of my favourite cities in the world, in London in early 2020. At the time I was preparing to move there, and so there is a very freeing feeling in this song, because when I wrote it, I was really feeling that finally I was going to find the space I had so longed for.”

According to Muki, the song was always meant “to be a sad dance floor anthem”. It contains a variety of elements that have been blended together to achieve its techno/anime sound. A ‘synth-driven bass line’ guides the track’s soundscape high and low, a perfect aural reflection of the cityscape that Muki was looking for. To accompany this, electronic layers and nightclub ready beats fill out the rest of the backing sounds, instantly capturing the attention of listeners.

All the while, Muki’s vocals have been perfectly morphed into a wiry (almost robotic) version of themselves. Enthralling, they worm their way into the head of the listener, creating an out of body experience designed to mimic Muki’s “euphoric moment … [of] relinquish[ing] the hold of her past, to find her own place in an entirely new city.” ‘I wish I could say that I missed the smell of your cologne / … But I’ll bet it’ll send you crazy, cause you know I’m good on my own,’ Muki declares, her voice transforming into an omnipresent presence that envelopes the track with a sense of melancholic freedom.

Muki keeps raising the bar for herself and we're excited to see what she does next.

‘Space/City Limit’ is a part of her upcoming sophomore EP Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1 (due out on Friday, 18 June 2021).

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