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Nicole Mckinney's Step-By-Step Guide For DIY Jewellery Making

Photo by Thomas James Isaac

Nicole Mckinney is no stranger to Meanjin's music scene and for good reason. She's fiercely vulnerable, eclectically real, and charged with an unapologetically honest approach to her music. Last year saw the release of her debut EP 'The Process' which followed her cementing herself as a staple on local line-ups.

Now deep into 2022 she's slowing no signs of slowing down as she returns with a fiery new single titled 'Cool'. Surging with a triumphant FU energy the track is all about female empowerment and reclaiming your self worth.

On Nicole Mckinney's journey to self love she discovered all new passions and hobbies, one being the art of jewellery making and in true Mckinney fashion she's shared her step-by-step guide!


Nicole: I looovvvveeeee making jewellery. It’s a fairly new hobby of mine. It started last year when I began following jewellery accounts on Instagram. I was obsessed with the cute little random beads and how unique each necklace could be. I bought a necklace and matching earrings myself. Then my friend Molly (who also makes jewellery) showed me how to make a simple necklace.

Once I made my first one with her I realised how satisfying it was. I found my own style and I’ve been making my own jewellery ever since. It might sound silly but it is the best feeling wearing your own jewellery. I wear them on stage, match my makeup and outfits to them and I feel like I’m expressing exactly who I am because it’s completely unique.

Here’s a step by step guide for Y'all x

1: Choose your charms 2: Choose your beads 3: Gather

4: Get some chain 5: Pliers

6: Place beads on wire 7: Use Pliers to make top loop

8: Add silver hoop 9: Link to chain

10: Add more! 11: Add Connectors 12: Pop off Queen!


Stream 'Cool' now!

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