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Nothing Sour About James McGuffie's New Single 'Lemon Tree'

Singer songwriter James McGuffie breaks into the solo realm with his new single ‘Lemon Tree’ - a song that can only be described as McGuffie's truest work yet. Having previously been an established artist in the industry for over a decade as a session musician McGuffie and as a part of Mcrobin, the artist took some time to do some soul searching and the fruits of it are truly remarkable.

With its beautifully thought out analogies ‘Lemon Tree’ conceptualises the cultivating of a garden and how that also harbours lessons and experiences similar to our growth throughout life. The song explores themes like discipline, nurturing and even the need to get your hands dirty in order to grow something worthwhile.

McGuffie sings ‘just deal with what your given son, put your hands back in the soil’

"At the time, I'd been thinking a lot about what it really takes to cultivate a great anything, and the best example I could think of that was my parents garden” McGuffie explains.
“It wasn't until I failed miserably, multiple times, to keep a bunch of plants alive, that I really came to terms with how much work my folks have put into their incredible garden over the years. This got me thinking about all the factors that can derail your pursuit of creating and nurturing an idea or project. The song stands as an ode to the pep talk's we all give and receive, as we navigate the peaks and valleys of our own endeavours.”

'Lemon Tree' starts off with soft acoustic guitar and vocals reminiscent of Paul Kelly. But what is most organic about the single and a statement in itself is the song released is the original demo track that McGuffie recorded in his home studio capturing the song in its most raw authentic form...from the beginning.

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