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Perve Endings Shine Bright With Debut EP 'Slow Burn'

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Fiery punk rock four-piece Perve Endings aren’t letting the end of 2020 slow them down as they explode into December with the release of their debut EP Slow Burn.

Having recently signed to The Chats record label, Bargain Bin Records, the Brissy punks are bursting with energetic anthems, soulful tunes and hair-whipping bops, bundled neatly into a six-track EP, gifted to us just in time for some silly season boogies.

Perve Endings shape a genre of their own - matching punk and rock with their unapologetic admiration for pop and soul, this range showcased within Slow Burn, providing us with a sweeping tour of their sound.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Token’, an addictive bop, written from the perspective of a predominantly female band navigating through the Australian music industry. In the current climate, sometimes it can feel like people are more focussed on looking like they’re doing the right thing, rather than actually making a meaningful change.

“Token was written for anyone who feels that they are only included in something because their inclusion would be on trend or benefit the image of whoever asked them. We are grateful to have had so many great opportunities to play, and we knew it wasn’t always about ticking off the token female-fronted band when we were booked for a show, but there were times that it did feel just like that. For those moments, we had a poignant, in-your-face anthem to scream back at them,” Mikki, vocalist/guitarist.

Taking us right into summer is ‘D.I.Y’, which sees Perve Endings deliver a surf-punk tune that includes contagious guitar riffs, infectious vocals, rocking keys and a time signature change that cements the song’s position as my favourite from the EP.

‘Brutal’ provides a change of pace; a soulful ballad showcasing silky vocals, magnetic harmonies and subtle guitar, the quartet vulnerable and desperate as they sing about a one-sided relationship: “I’m always running after your love.”

Groovy tune, ‘Come To Bed’ has a chorus consisting of both male and female vocals and is reminiscent of San Cisco’s 'Awkward', followed by ‘Nightmare’, which uses synth and a ceaseless beat to speed up your heart rate as if you too are experiencing Perve Endings’ bad dream.

Final song 'Slow Burn' brings the EP to a strong conclusion with a rising anthem that showcases the groups passion for pop and soul.

Since emerging over 18 months ago, Perve Endings have built their name as a truly compelling live act, lighting up stages all over the country, having landed coveted supports, playing with Aussie favourites such as Amyl and The Sniffers, A. Swayze & The Ghosts, Mini Skirt and Pist Idiots, as well as an east coast Australian tour with Ruby Fields.

It is clear that Perve Endings have been working hard to explore and refine their sound, showcasing a sonic range within their debut EP Slow Burn that allows them to create music that isn’t constricted to a single genre. It’s going to be a pleasure watching them continue to burn bright.


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