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PREMIERE: Disco-Pop Duo WIIGZ Unleash Scorching New Single ‘RED HOT PANTS’

WIIGZ is more than just music - WIIGZ is a red hot experience. Comprised of front-women Hannah Brydon and Zoe Hilditch, and accompanied by music producer Tejavu, WIGZ is putting the disco back into disco-pop with their groovy basslines, seductive vocal melodies and FIRE outfits.

Hailing from Brisbane, the pair have been turning heads this year with their addictive debut single ‘WWWWWHY’, incredibly vibrant live shows, show-stopping visual content and of course, by wearing the heck out of those wigs!

“We have matching pink and red wigs that occasionally make an appearance on our socials, but our name ‘WIIGZ’ actually came to be after we found two amazing wigs under Zoe’s bed one night. We put them on and went out on the town. We haven’t looked back since.”

Now, they return in a glitter-cloud of sass and style, uncovering fiery new single ‘RED HOT PANTS’ alongside a music video that shimmers like a mirror ball reflecting a thousand firelights.

‘RED HOT PANTS’ struts into any room with conviction, with a beat that starts at your feet and moves throughout your entire body. With lush layers of sound boasting irresistible bass grooves and serenading vocal melodies, no one is safe from the power of the pants as all eyes follow them across the room.

Inspired by a real-life purchase of vintage red hot pants, the song has transformed into an anthem of self-love, self-confidence and feeling absolutely fabulous.

“Last year Zoe bought a pair of fiery vintage red hot pants. She wore them everywhere, and I mean everywhere, and they became so iconic to both of us. I was yet to write a song about Zoe, and I thought it would be sick to make a song about something as trivial as a pair of hot pants, so we did.”

Known for their incredible outfits and dazzling personas, WIIGZ delivers the whole package, stopping at nothing to captivate audiences and show off their creative flair and passion for fashion.

“We are lucky to be surrounded by talented creatives, so we have worked with stylists and designers now and again, but we mainly wear the same outfits on rotation that we sometimes rework. It may appear as though we have a huge wardrobe of costumes, but it’s all an illusion.”

Genre hopping between disco, funk, soul and modern house and with top-tier influences like Daft Punk, Roisin Murphy and Lorde, it’s no surprise that WIIGZ are continuing to make themselves known, heating up the scene with RED HOT ENERGY and attituuuuuuude.

So do yourself a favour and immerse yourselves in the glamorous, vivacious world of WIIGZ! And in the words of our favourite disco-pop duo, "get your wig b*tch!"

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