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PREMIERE: Good Lekker Strike Gold With New Video For ‘Something Better’

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Photo from Rob Carroll

Known for their vibrancy and sincere spark, Wollongong-based indie rockers, Good Lekker, are back. Following the release of their well-received ‘Hard To Be Alone’, ‘Something Better’ launches the band’s next best foot forward, demonstrating that with each release this band puts forward, they're honing their craft.

Unique and personal, this track delves into the unknown- in particular, the instability of the music industry. Despite this, Good Lekker has proved they know their sound and dynamic extremely well, composing a track that is fluent, groove-inducing, and enticing. Luring you in with sharp vocals and a dynamic instrumental performance, the track captures you in an inescapable call-and-response style chorus- an echoing of the uncertainties that have created the journey of this track.

“‘Something Better’ was inspired by the unpredictability of trying to succeed within the music industry. It also questions whether success is something that can be quantified within the creative realm. For Good Lekker, the track is somewhat of an ironic ode to this idea as we hope it brings us 'success', however that may be. The track aims to showcase Good Lekker’s pop sensibility whilst having the rawer rock and alternative roots the band knows and loves.” says Band member Alex Gray.

Within every chord and note, ‘Something Better’ is submerged in a rugged truth aided by the simplicity of personal stories. Accompanying the release is a music video; one that has clearly transferred the feelings conjured up from the song into a visual experience. Diving through spectacular landscape visuals, the video feels homely yet foreign; much like the song’s intention of instability within a realm that they love. Marked with an air of simplicity, the music video shines through its ability to aid the raw emotiveness of the track, allowing the lyrics flashing upon the screen and the prominent visuals to do the talking- no flashy tricks needed. The visuals for ‘Something Better’ create an all-encompassing experience when listening to this ode to the creative realm.

Take a look, and escape whilst you listen!

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