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PREMIERE: SLIM JIMZ Immerse Us In ‘Better Off’ Music Video

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Known for their enticing indie rock sound, SLIM JIMZ has been introducing earworms into our minds since 2019, leaving their unique mark on the Sydney soundscape dominated by so many up-and-coming talents. Marking their 5th single, ‘Better Off’ sees the band entering new waters on both a compositional and emotive scheme. Equipped with a message and a strong display of self-searching, ‘Better Off’ becomes an anthem for individuality and understanding one’s own worth. Making this release even sweeter is the band’s stunning visual experience that when paired with the track, creates an emotive storytelling journey.

‘Better Off’ is a gentle, subtle yet powerful track that uses the vulnerability of its indie rock foundations to create a song charged with meaning. In particular, the track’s approachable and comforting vocal performance exudes an essence of warmth that not only aids the sincerity but makes ‘Better Off’ a calm, easy listen. Melodic and fluctuating in its prominence, the instrumentals effortlessly guide you through this track, showing off the complimentary style this band has found within their most important aspects.

A track so immersive needed to be accompanied by a spectacular visual, and luckily for us, SLIM JIMZ has delivered. Working alongside directors Mike Perry and Micheal Dole, the band has created an adept representation of the track and its notion of understanding that you are 'better off' without that certain person- even if it takes a bit of time and contemplation. In an abstract take, the band represents two different worlds.

One of the main motifs, the skating shots, represent the thoughts of someone you no longer wish to have around you lingering; a world of chaos and confusion. As the skaters spin bright torches among a vastly dark setting, the torches become a symbol of the intruding thoughts that can swirl around your head during these tough times. Emerging between these clips are solemn shots of the band, acting as reminders of the people you are better off with- the people that create a world of trust and comfort.

Making the video even more personal are the prominent solo shots of SLIM JIMZ, allowing us to enter their mind, gaining insight into their personal experiences of letting go and moving on with the people they are 'Better Off' with!

Immerse yourself in the emotive track below!

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