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PREMIERE: WIIGZ 'Look Good Feel Good' with lustrous new single

Photos by Troy Freyee

“This song is for all the back-to-back party people ready for round two (or ten). Turn it on, fire it up and run a comb through your favourite wiig... look good feel good baby.”

WIIGZ, the fiery musical duo, fashion icons, and TikTok queens that are Hannah Brydon and Zoe Hilditch, have quickly built themselves a name in the Australian scene since their 2021 debut single 'wwwwwhy', and the Meanjin pair have not slowed down in the slightest after their explosive BIGSOUND showcase performances in early September. They’re returning today to bless our ears and streaming services with their latest absolutely addictive track alongside co-producer TEJAVU. It’s called 'Look Good Feel Good', and as if this brand new disco-pop dream of a song wasn’t enough of a treat, an accompanying music video is set to drop October 3rd.

Look Good Feel Good brings us a pretty straightforward (and easily relatable) narrative ready to be absorbed through Hannah and Zoe’s effortlessly smooth vocals. If you’ve ever woken up ridiculously hungover, dragged yourself out of bed and gotten ready to do it all over again, this song is for you. As the lyrics move from being wrecked as all hell to getting ready for the next night out, set to forget about boyfriends, bosses and friendship drama, we get a fun reference to the absolutely iconic 'Red Hot Pants' and some compelling self loveeeee affirmations.

“when you feel down i have the answer / when you look good you feel good is my mantra”

“I’m hot, sexy, fresh”

The whole song is a glamorous self-love anthem, ready to inspire energy, confidence, and a deep-rooted belief in knowing you’re hot sh*t, with a hypnotic, broody bassline and mesmerizing melody combined with the duo's absolutely dreamy vocals. It’s the perfect song for your next night out and an incredible follow-up to an already immaculate discography- look good, feel good babyyyy!

If you haven’t had a chance to see this absolute powerhouse duo perform live yet, their recently announced national tour is your chance- 'The WIIGZ Experience' will be hitting stages across the East Coast this October and November. You can buy your tickets here.

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